Die Fighting

Die Fighting

When a team of Shaolin-trained kung fu actors is about to get their break in Hollywood, a mysterious and sadistic Director forces them to run a gauntlet through Los Angeles. The Director films their every move as they prove their prowess by provoking a rogues' gallery of underworld thugs and martial artists.

A sadistic filmmaker forces actors to use their martial-arts skills in the real world. He thenĀ films their every move as they prove their prowess by provoking a rogues' gallery of underworld thugs and martial artists. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Die Fighting torrent reviews

Little B (es) wrote: Despite the film succeeds well in its complaint intentions, the direction abuses excessively of slowness and silence even when it would be better to avoid them. The photography instead is good.

Ritika A (ca) wrote: I have a gut feeling that its going to be brilliant!! The way its shot and everything its just tooo good!

Joseph H (au) wrote: some funny parts,pretty good movie,very awkward family.:)

Indalecio G (kr) wrote: Soria logra mostrar en su pelcula personajes completamente normales llenos de una gran nobleza. Por lo dems, muy buenas actuaciones.

Elyn L (fr) wrote: Elegant shots. Beautiful colors. Harmony and tranquility dotted with the struggling and tolerating in cheating and being cheated. A very delicate exploration of the complexity of relationship and marriage. The Vietnamese songs, food, countryside landscapes all seem so attempting in here. More enjoyable and unique than The Scent of Green Papaya to me.

Mike B (mx) wrote: One of the best made for tv and serial killer movies I have ever seen. Stephen Rea is outstanding.

Matt M (es) wrote: A lesser worthy sequel of the hilarious Pink Panther saga, this film doesn't have a lot of intelligence or even a rewarding structure. This time Sellers works incognito as he investigates on an international ring of drug dealing. Sellers is still funny and lively as the clumsy detective and the usual great work of animation precedes the film.

Phil G (nl) wrote: Quite a good effort with enough shooting and explosions. Hannibal was in it too. Good stuff.

Eduardo C (ag) wrote: It is the rarest of westerns, the revisionist one that is completely believable and utterly fascinating. Two extremely butch, strong-willed women are engrossed in a deadly , hateful feud against each other . One is pure evil, the other is basically good but misunderstood. And both control the rowdy, violent men around them who choose which side to be on, through sheer willpower. Sure, it is ugly in its intensity, but it also impossible to resist.

Kevin H (mx) wrote: Hokey and old fashion, but still good fun...amazing how far sfx have come since then...

Ray J (gb) wrote: Stan laurl and Oliver Hardy are in fine form as two people (at least Hardy anyway) falling in love. It's more touching then funny.

Alejandra V (ag) wrote: Just a huge full length Commercial for toys

Dan R (au) wrote: A lovely story of redemption and beekeeping. Peter Fonda gives a beautiful quiet performance.

Tom B (jp) wrote: George Clooney's hostage situation talkshow is a befitting suspense drama, with a small handful of surprises that catch the audience offguard. I think that many people avoided this when it was first released, under the assumption of foreseeable situations and outcomes. This may be the case, but only for half the movie. Despite its predictability on the whole, MONEY MONSTER manages to payout with another stellar performance from George Clooney and a few innovative curveballs that breathe new life into a limited trite movie theme.