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Die Hummel

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Derek H (mx) wrote: Taking the werewolf genre to places it has rarely been, "Wer" offers viewers a drastically different take on the staple of the monster horror genre. Using a gritty, realistic approach, the film focuses on a defense attorney who is assigned to represent a man charged with the grisly murder of a family who were on a camping trip. However, looking into the case, and the man at the centre of it, the defense attorney (played compellingly by AJ Cook) begin to see there's more than meets the eye. The loner of a man, who maintains his innocence, is subjected to a series of excruciating tests to find out the truth about the case, and about him as a human being. The only real downfall of the movie is that the budget has let the vision of the film down slightly. Whereas the fight scenes are good, more realistic blood and effects would have went a long way to lend credibility to the film as a whole.Still, despite being a bit uneven as a whole, those who like "Wer" will like it a lot.

Carlo B (de) wrote: School is not about what house you are in or sorority or sisterhood. It's how you enjoy while you are in school and what you learn from it. It's a nice film.

Wright B (jp) wrote: This movie was HORRIBLE. Despite some great boobage and attractive ladies, the movie had nothing going for it. The language was completely un-necessary and the plot was only active in a few scenes.

John F (es) wrote: Predictable, uninspired and only mildly entertaining. Drawn out montage scenes for characters we were just waiting to see get killed off.

MEC r (de) wrote: Jacob shouldn't have done that to his brother (the birthright), then again his brother should have known the importance of it.

Marco T (gb) wrote: I think it was Don Wilson's best movie. He is a true kickboxing world champion so his fight scenes look very realistic. I like that a lot more than those crazy Chinese movies.

Tim J (us) wrote: Easily Roberts' best movie.

Amy H (us) wrote: Low budget boring storyline non scary movie. Wouldn't bother wasting time

Bloodmarsh K (us) wrote: I can accept him as a cop, I can accept him as a homosexual bank robber, and even as The Godfather - I'm just not sure how I feel about Al Pacino as Mr. Mom, a depressed one at that. I was hoping he'd pull out an M16 and just finish the job.

Michael J (kr) wrote: has nothing to do with the original but still is amusing.

Ricardo M (es) wrote: Bonito filme cujo enredo apresenta um homem apaixonado e fiel sua esposa mas vido de viver as aventuras que o tdio e o compromisso matrimonial lhe negam. Seus passeios pelas ruas de Paris e suas observaes ntimas e pessoais sobre as parisienses ento entre as melhores coisas do filme.

Damien C (kr) wrote: The novelty of seeing a Arnie in his first role, with his voice dubbed, saves this from rating one star.

Aj V (ru) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie, it was so very funny, I especially loved Groucho's number. The story is good and the some of the songs are good too, but mostly it's very funny. Only Groucho is in it, though, don't expect the other Marx Brothers. Overall a good movie, very fun.

Carolyn O (us) wrote: Very well acted, especially Tommy and Rosie. I felt I was there, during the time of the mafia trials. Enjoyed seeing a few actors from the Sopranos show up just to add that extra touch.

Andy D (us) wrote: Still waiting to laugh :-(