Die letzte Lüge

Die letzte Lüge

A wild screwball comedy musical about love, with a generous score, philosophical plumbers, and more than a kernel of truth in it.

A wild screwball comedy musical about love, with a generous score, philosophical plumbers, and more than a kernel of truth in it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thom D (ag) wrote: Wrangler is a singular celebrity, one who has titillated ME on many an occasion. Seeing this documentary was very enjoyable, and I have a new found respect for something besides Jack's sex drive and equipment. His life and the creation of his sexual persona is truly fascinating. The fact he escaped AIDS is miraculous, and I honestly did not know he escaped the plague completely---so this was also a very educational experience.

Kenan i (fr) wrote: good shit but bad idea

Edgar T (fr) wrote: very emotional...i watched it and almost dropped tears... it so strange i had just lost my younger brother......nice piece.

Addison J (fr) wrote: A movie that, if you look close enough, has a lot of emotion to it. An interesting piece of art.

Arslan K (nl) wrote: This was probably the best one In the series.

Arthur L (de) wrote: A incredibly human film. Slightly well humored and very, very dramatic. A masterwork.

Marlene M (it) wrote: A wonderful film, I can't believe it didn't have a similar success as Matrix, I guess it was because it was more surreal, thought-provoking and maybe too modern for a 1998 audience. It's one of the most underrated, creepy yet intriguing films I've seen.

Jon C (it) wrote: a truly disturbing, unnerving horror film living in a huge deserted castle with a cannibal hermit really makes that errie feeling of fear there's so much suspense and gory scenes to even it out Jeffery Combs and Barbara Crampton perform pretty good and there's surprisingly a great deal of character development you dont get that kind of quality in a horror film these days and jeez, there's alot of moments when you actually feel sorry for the hermit and how long he has endured the suffering all his life but really, was there a purpose for the blind girl in this? NO! and my God, this has a very sad ending, whats wrong with some movies like this? anyways, its not awful; just could have been better but still good to watch

Craig M (jp) wrote: I gave it two stars because this film contains the line:"I'm gonna take you to the bank, Senator Trent. To the blood bank!"

Michelle C (it) wrote: ...another movie I liked when I was a teenager ;)

Mike P (kr) wrote: Robot blood???? Line of the century right there

Alexander The Privateer b (gb) wrote: a classic that should be available on region 2 and not just region 1 DVD

Mge A (kr) wrote: I am a huge fan of michael caine, he is a best suit for his part. but the movie is so horrible that evet he couldn't let us out anyway.. nicole is wonderful as always, while will ferrel and his hammy sucks! script sucks! who wrote it?!

Simon C (ca) wrote: Old but new. Crumbs!

Michael B (us) wrote: Was a ok movie. didn't feel like BMS though. no song either. Poor writing. moved to slow.