Die Liebe der Bajadere

Die Liebe der Bajadere


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1926
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Die Liebe der Bajadere torrent reviews

Jamie C (ag) wrote: In my eyes critics have always been harsh on Transformer films and this one again has been underrated it's better than the 2nd, Not as good as the 3rd and we all know the original is best, It was a risk changing the cast but Mark Whalberg gives the main human cast abit of muscle and can fight instead of running and screaming and making unfunny jokes like Shia Lebouf did, The action was well done and non stop which will please allot and annoy others, The plot was ok just not that much different to the others, I can't comment on the 3D as I watched the 2D version but I bet it would of been great in places but annoying in others as sometimes it's a struggle to see what's always going on in the explosions and flying metal, My main concern was the random songs that play during some action scenes there was no need for them and they just were there to promote some rock groups latest single, The Dinobots were fun but underused in my eyes, Overall action packed, Amazing effects as always, Underrated as always it won't bring new fans to the table but current fans will be happy.

Leonard D (us) wrote: A childhood nightmare which still gives me the creeps till this day! Modern CGI won't be able to recreate the uniqueness and quality that this one has after the past few decades!

Matty M (de) wrote: Lore released in 2012 directed by Cate Shortland was an amazing film with very few negative points. Lore is a film about her leading her siblings on a journey that exposes them to the truth of their parents' beliefs. In the days of Adolf Hitler when all came crumbling down and finally to an end. Lore in this film was the daughter of a Nazi militant, who he in the end was running to hide. Lore and her brothers an sisters didn't realize what her family was, they only knew what they we brought up to think. Lore ends up having to take her brothers and sisters far from the area being if they were found they would be put to death.This movie is outstanding! Caught it last night on Netflix based on the ratings of Lore on Rotten Tomatoes website. Netflix rating had a low score of which usually when we see a low star count we dont bother watching. Now Rotten Tomatoes had a score of 96% Tomatoes which states the movie is awesome based on real peoples opinions, so we watched it. To our surprise this film was remarkably put together, the acting was top notch, and the affect omg; so realistic. Lore is a sad film being that the eyes & the mind have to endure the thought of what mankind in that era had done, and become. It is a slow film working off of every detail, keeping you on your toes to watch; it is impossible to stop viewing it. It's a frightening film, knowing that things on both sides of the spectrum can be so easily misplaced within morality.The only thing that was bad or upsetting about the film, is the way it ended. You'd have to see it to decide for yourself, But think it's brilliant work! Check out the trailer below.

Barry G (mx) wrote: Typical teen horror but without an ending... Bla

Andrew A (it) wrote: excellent plot twists and hidden events, you don't expect the outcome to happen, and you get to see everything around her fall to pieces because of this. absolutely brilliant

Kelly K (it) wrote: I sort of accidentally stumbled on this film. It is a very beautiful and heartwarming film about a woman who refused to give on or settle for less with her twin autistic sons. Due to her courage and her fight for equality for her children they turn out to be strong, intelligent and very successful young men.

raven (mx) wrote: *well go catch them*

Alessio M (br) wrote: julia roberts che distrugge la patriarchal society one student at a time

Chris D (us) wrote: Disapointing film....

Tom H (br) wrote: not to memorable film despite good acting performances. but its worth a watch non the less. the film is a little to long for its own good compared too how good the dialog really is.

Kenneth L (us) wrote: This is a pretty entertaining movie, and serves as a great document of its time, the early 90s, which now seem so distant to us. It's funny to realize Ben Stiller has been directing movies for 20 years. The performances are excellent, and the movie effectively reminded me of what a crush I have on young Winona Ryder. The big question with this movie hinges on the ending, in which (spoiler alert for a 20-year-old movie) Ryder's character ends up falling in love with Ethan Hawke's angsty rocker rather than Ben Stiller's responsible yuppie. Roger Ebert saw Stiller's character as the movie's villain, but I'm actually not sure about that. The movie never makes him do anything particularly wicked, and he actually seems like a much better guy overall than Hawke's character. I honestly feel like Ryder's character makes the wrong choice - the question is whether or not the movie realizes this. It does seem to treat their relationship as an occasion for a happy ending, but then it never makes Stiller's character a jerk, as a more conventional romantic comedy would. I think the movie would be better if it at least realized that Ryder's character's choice wasn't really the "right one," but then I can't tell for sure that the movie does know that. In any event, it's a well-made film overall with some good funny parts and a great 90s soundtrack.

Weul S (ru) wrote: The weirdest courtroom scene ever! This tight, convoluted noir is deliciously over the top. Rita is the perfect femme fatale.