Die nackte Wahrheit

Die nackte Wahrheit

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Anthony S (jp) wrote: Portrays the CIA's false narrative regarding how they tracked down Bin Laden. The protagonists are disgusting fucks who torture prisoners, making it extremely difficult to root for them, even when they are trying to track down a mass murderer.

Gimly M (es) wrote: A very lighthearted approach to some very grim subject matter. But it works.

Allan C (mx) wrote: I was curious to see this after reading Leonard Maltin's BOMB review who deemed the movie only to have been made to offend audiences. Brad Dourif is a smalltime hood in New Mexico who steals a car and later finds out there was a baby in the car, which he then sells to local crime boss Paul L. Smith (who wants to feed the baby to the pigs) and his girlfriend, David Carradine in drag as Pearl. The film then follows Sonny Boy's abusive upbringing over the years, including cutting out his tongue, which lead to him becoming something of a feral murderous criminal. It's really unclear if the filmmakers were going for black comedy, some kind of surreal horror or merely making as a disturbing, unpleasant slice of life. I really didn't enjoy the film except for (SPOILER!) a climactic shootout between the bizarro family and an angry mob of townsfolk, which reminded me a lot of "The Devil's Rejects." Carradine good in these final moments and elevated the movie to something better than the rest of it's general low quality. Oh, and Sonny Boy does get a new tongue at the end of the film.

Karisa H (gb) wrote: this is a good movie

Pavan R (ru) wrote: Good storyline and plot.....

Evelyn M (gb) wrote: Really horribly depressing

Shane J (ca) wrote: a really cheesy slasher film from the mid-80's some high school jocks and girlfriends(well 30+ year olds playng dress up) play a prank on a nerd (a really dumb nerd) which causes him to go mental. years later he gets them all back together at the same school and slaughters them 1 by 1. the jocks are some of the most annoying creations that ever lived so all the while your cheering on the now super human strong???wtf??? nerd as he kills everyone. I was really enjoying this until the ending when it just gets stupid. quite good fun for the first 80mins but then crap.

Gregory W (ca) wrote: good costume/historical drama

Andrejs P (it) wrote: a sub par noir. Nothing really too suspensefull about this movie at all.

Pierluigi P (ru) wrote: It carries a whole universe of emotions.

Ale S (gb) wrote: Excelente comedia, Rock Hudson como el hipocondriaco George es genial.