Die Rothenburger

Die Rothenburger


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Ben L (mx) wrote: This looked promising in trailers, but in the long shot, did not deliver. The story was OK, but some of the characters were bad, especially snowball. He was just too over the top, and the ending seemed a bit canny.

Takee A (kr) wrote: BEST. MOVIE. EVER!!!

Grant S (fr) wrote: Marginally better than your average horror movie, not that this says much. Mostly relies on the same old horror cliches, but has a few original ideas.

Carolyn H (de) wrote: Not worth anyone's time of day...really. A coming of age movie...filmed in MI. In theatres now.

Ambrus V (fr) wrote: This is quite a sweet rom-com with Jemaine Clement playing a loser-ish doofus, introducing his new girlfriend, a wonderfully meek Loren Horsley, to his family. Not riotous, but full of nice laughs, like Horsely refusing to sing David Bowie correctly, or having to play a video game against a small horse.

Alexa D (us) wrote: "You guys want some cookies??" Best part ever!

Michael A (ag) wrote: The so-called "silly" twist ending is the best part

Johnathon W (es) wrote: Classic romantic thanks to two brilliant lead performances and witty direction & writing behind the screen. Gable & Colbert give career defining performances as the bickering couple, delivering exquisite chemistry that even when they're fighting, you can tell they're falling in love. The film, though tame by today's standards, even lets them use their sexuality fun & risky ways (Gable reportedly killed the undershirt business for years in his famous undressing scene while Colbert legs showed a new way to hitchhike). Behind the camera, Capra keeps the film fast-moving, focusing just on the main plot (the only subplot is Andrews father, nicely played by Walter Connolly, and his desparate search to find her) while Riskin script gives some of the best dialogue you'll ever hear. With this combination, it's easy to say why this was the first film to sweep the Oscars in all major categories and remains the standard for all romantic comedies since.

Nigel K (ru) wrote: Unusual John Wayne vehicle, with Lauren Bacall her usual stunning self. Not quite the later brilliance of their last joint venture 'The Shootist' but interesting none the less.

Ted W (mx) wrote: Great book to movie adaptation. I heard this is the first cgi animation in real life movie, well that's what it said in the interview of stuart little. Michael j fox as stuart and Jonathan lipnickel as George are a good mouse to kid relationship in the movie.

Brice W (ca) wrote: Well written, well acted political drama. The first half hour is pretty slow movie to establish characters and story line, but after that it was fairly fast paced. The ending is tense, I liked it. It made me think. How many of our politicians and their campaign and advisors have done similar things to what they do in this movie?