Die Spinnen, 1. Teil - Der Goldene See

Die Spinnen, 1. Teil - Der Goldene See

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:1919
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:adventurer,  

Kay Hoog finds a message that indicates that some Incas are still alive, but the secret organisation "Die Spinnen" wants the Incas' gold.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Die Spinnen, 1. Teil - Der Goldene See torrent reviews

Art L (de) wrote: It was a decent documentary, but I feel there are many more aspects they could have touched on... It felt like it only began to scratch the surface..,


Thomas J (nl) wrote: Confusing. This sounds like a sequel, but it's a prequel... Similar to the first Bionicle. Good visuals, good music, better story. However, there were parts of it that I thought were very dark. In some ways, its the most serious kids film since Babe 2...

Jorge F (ca) wrote: Sound effects are AWESOME!! ??

Charlie G (ca) wrote: A little too slow and unprofessional

Michael M (au) wrote: What a great movie about a small town and how money can make things change and make people act strange. This movie could never and would never be made in Hollywood. What a gem...

MF J (br) wrote: This is old school film-making and to be honest it's so great it won't age ever! This is one of the most incredible pearl of the french cinema! Great cast, awesome story and perfect direction! Some of the Hollywood directors should really take a few lessons and watch this! French old school cinema does it better.... Period!

Aubrey B (ag) wrote: I can't really remember what happened in this movie and I don't really care.

Mehmet K (nl) wrote: IntroductionBereavement...A film that covers the standard kidnap and torture by a psychopathic killer...all done before and better. Plot SynopsisThe story centers around the abduction of a boy by a deranged killer as he played on his swing in his backyard. The young boy witnesses the torture followed by the killings of the female victims. ThemesThe theme of the movie tried to include everything such as kidnapping, torture, psychotic behaviour, satanic...maybe, could not really tell. Visual ElementsMediocre camera work and direction. ConclusionNot a great film. Struggled to decide whether this was horror, drama, thriller, suspense...very confusing and left me in the middle of nowhere with no map or road sign. Lot of plot holes which caused frustration, not even any breadcrumbs were left.