Die Superbullen - Sie kennen keine Gnade

Die Superbullen - Sie kennen keine Gnade


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Die Superbullen - Sie kennen keine Gnade torrent reviews

Ang R (ag) wrote: I really liked it. Watch it w/ my grandson and it's pretty funny.

Vikram T (de) wrote: Music is just great. esp Jaane Kya Chahe Mann. Movie is great too

Yash B (br) wrote: A fun movie that I enjoyed when I was younger. It was something that was pretty edgy when I was younger and I just felt really cool watching it. It's a clever take on the spy movie genre that has more of a nostalgia factor for me.

Steven C (ru) wrote: Never have I been more puzzled by a denouement.

Pamela D (mx) wrote: Glen Close plays an unethical, client-fucking attorney who defends a newspaper mogul accused of stabbing his wife, then begins to suspect her client after he seduces - after she seduces -after they seduce each other.Soooo dreadfully Eszterhaz predictable. Saw the end coming 2/3 of the way through. (Which is probably way later than most people -I'm slow.)Fun Fact: Glen Close actually looks semi-female in this pic. Which is essential for the film to have any credibility, otherwise, who would believe Jeff Bridges would dip his wick in THAT???

rdn (br) wrote: where do we watch it?

Kwende M (au) wrote: survival of the fittest

Mark B (au) wrote: doesnt everyone want to go to bikini beach

Marilee A (fr) wrote: I think this Movie is what got her the Role in the Series "The Big Valley"

Robert I (ag) wrote: Remember how in the 90s we had all these cool Nic Cage action movies? Those days are dead. This movie looks like further proof.

007 W (ag) wrote: Friday is probably in my favorites rated R movie well my second favorite rated R movie, I like Friday a lot not only because a lot of people like it but because it's a good movie it's a pretty good movie

Timm S (fr) wrote: The First Casuality Of War Is Always The Truth. A Stubborn Will To Live Drive Hone A Soul-Searching Toe-To-Toe Performance.

Brandon S (fr) wrote: This is a quaint and sweet tale of imagination, feeling misunderstood, and childhood hardship wrapped inside of a rousing and powerful adventure brimming with artistry like only Spike Jonze is fully capable of.

Jay E (gb) wrote: Clara Bow is absolutely incredible. She has a screen presence that's beyond description and is larger than life. She lights up the silver screen and doesn't need sound to convey her thoughts or emotions. She is mesmerizing to watch and she'll steal your heart.