Die Tränen meiner Mutter

Die Tränen meiner Mutter


Between Berlin and Buenos Aires. between love, life and family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Die Tränen meiner Mutter torrent reviews

Nicholas P (ag) wrote: I loved this one! Great indie flick. This movie really drives home the point that family is what you make of it. The standout performance goes to Jenn Harris.

Rini N (ru) wrote: Lovely and refreshing, especially the point of view.

Jameson A (fr) wrote: that's a big name for a movie

David B (kr) wrote: talk about a fuck up they had forever to plan this and everything still went wrong, it would have been better if the bad guys pulled it off for sure and that dick died instead.avoid

Carey L (mx) wrote: At least it looked good.

Yamine R (ca) wrote: I love it its like the best movie ever watch it now and wait until you laugh go head and lol~

Spencer W (ag) wrote: Sometimes a movie is just a movie. You go see it to escape your stressful life with your family and you don't feel like thinking a lot during it. It's a family movie and I think it served its purpose of entertaining the whole family. Although Stephen Hawking's family would be the exception.

Ellen P (gb) wrote: Charlotte Gainsbourg!!

Amanda C (br) wrote: Full of the Coen Brother's trademark diologue, which makes for an entertaining ride, it's unclear what O Brother, Where Art Thou is actually about. Instead of a coherent film, it feels more like an amalgam of entertaining scenes that have been cobbled together. It is still hard to not get swept up in the specific brand of insanity that the Coen's excel at, it just would have been nice if some sense could be derived from the mass chaos that is presented.

Cody C (ca) wrote: Way better than i even remembered it being. Kinda drags during the insane asylum / escape stuff, but overall a very funny movie. I was in a bad mood and it really cheered me up. Kel Mitchell is a very underrated performer.

Philip S (it) wrote: I saw this a long time ago...can barely remember it. But seem to recall I liked it.

Logan M (fr) wrote: Original, and above all, bizarre, "Being John Malkovich" is as deep as it is unusual.

Lee H (au) wrote: Rubbish, don't even bother watching

Andrew P (nl) wrote: An amazingly funny film about radicalization.

Paul D (fr) wrote: What. The. Fuck. Lynch kept up a cohesive storyline that was cool and engaging for about an hour, then it derails for the following two. And three hours, really? Streamline that shit, I don't have all day for this absurdity. Still waiting for Lynch to top Blue Velvet, but that probably isn't going to happen.

Matt C (gb) wrote: this guy sums it up perfectly: "It's easily the best film I've ever seen about an evil woman-raping sea monster." practical effects abound