Different from Whom

Different from Whom

Political strategists in a northern Italian city push gay-rights campaigner Piero into the mayoral race, pairing him with uptight conservative toughie Adele (Claudia Gerini). Piero and his partner, Remo, are the stable ones, while buttoned-up divorcee Adele nurses her bitterness.

What happens when an openly gay man decides to run for mayor in a super conservative town in North Eastern Italy, using his homosexuality as his secret weapon? What would happen if during ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fernando C (gb) wrote: Funny movie. Great performances

Tom E (mx) wrote: A pretty interesting account of the second wave of Black Metal and the car crash of murder/suicide/arson/racism that was MayheM. Vikernes makes a compellingly sociopathic interviewee and villain.

Cris A (au) wrote: The sound in this movie was crap which made understanding the complicated dialogue near impossible. My guess is it would have been entirely unrealistic - who kisses their neighbour after knowing them only moments anyway? While it was an interesting idea - effectively a 'cult' of six established to provide each other 'benefits', ultimately this was just another one of those movies where teens have sex, drink and backstab each other. Most disappointing matinee movie of the year so far.

Lily M (fr) wrote: i recently watched this movie after years of not seeing it and i fell in love all over again, i mean i think its actually pretty funny- funnier than most adult comedies ive seen. its so enjoyable i just love this movie

Wyatt S (nl) wrote: I actionous movie with great

Josh C (mx) wrote: The Forth Star is for historical accuracy, and the fifth is for Shane West incredible dedication to play the character as true to life as any that i've ever seen. Saw them play live, with Shane west 2 or 3 years ago, amazing.

Jamey B (jp) wrote: I liked it as a kid. There's a reason why kids like it and not anyone over the age of 12

Justin T (fr) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by this film. A pre Matrix Wachowski brothers film, a little more down to earth but still retains their style. A small scale crime drama, it felt intimate, it was good.

Fran S (jp) wrote: une belle et tragique histoire d'amour dans les rues de paris. le testament d'un ralisateur disparu trop vite et le film d'une gnration.

James M (it) wrote: Better-than-average romantic comedy about an odd couple. Could have been better but could also have been worse.

Anthony P (kr) wrote: Such a masterpiece, the score of this film is absolutely amazing. One of my favorite Woody Allen films.

Zebra 3 (br) wrote: One of my fave Airport movies.

Cory T (gb) wrote: Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are two of the most recognizable and venerated horror icons of the 50's and 60's. Their reunion in the 70's should be cause for a jubilant celebration from genre enthusiasts but 'Horror Express' is a senselessly shoddy vehicle for them. The film begins in highbrow HP Lovecraft fashion with Lee spelunking into a cave and unearthing a Neanderthal creature encased in ice (which resembles a frugal Halloween Adventure costume with vermilion-red glowing eyes). The rivalry between Lee and Cushing is amiably funny with Lee scoffing at the pompous Cushing's bribery for a luxurious seat aboard the locomotive. Cushing is so consumed with status that he nefariously pays a train attendant to drill into Lee's crate to inspect the contents. Unfortunately the score is more appropriate for a Russian espionage picture than a sinister murder-mystery. Instead of viciously massacring the passengers, the creature's gaze is the catalyst for embolisms and that truly saps the attacks of any feral appeal. The silliest motive behind the creature is its appetite for absorbing knowledge. For a film with such a short running time, the stalking-the-prey scenes drag on and ultimately that is exactly the effect of 'Horror Express' as a whole: an interminable, rudderless ship with no thrust behind it.

Alec B (br) wrote: You know, the movie fails to tell any sort of coherent fictional or non-fictional story about Fanny Brice because why would anyone want to see a movie or a play about one of the great comedic talents of the 20th Century that wallows in mopy melodrama for most of its running time? However, the film is a undeniably fabulous showcase for Streisand's singular talent (she really is outstanding here) . . . which is why people are constantly returning to it. For that reason, I can't blame them.

Hardy H (fr) wrote: incredibly humane and grounded. filled with great scenes. what a great character rocky is.... didn't really care about the boxing part too much in fact. and the father-son thing did not work for me... otherwise it will be one of my favourite