Differently, Molussia

Differently, Molussia

Nine short, individually titled reels of colour 16mm film, which are presented in a random order determined before each screening. Drawing on a text by German philosopher Günther Anders, the film is an imaginary documentary about Molussia, a fictional totalitarian country that Anders invented to represent the dystopia of fascism.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
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Nine short, individually titled reels of colour 16mm film, which are presented in a random order determined before each screening. Drawing on a text by German philosopher Günther Anders, the film is an imaginary documentary about Molussia, a fictional totalitarian country that Anders invented to represent the dystopia of fascism. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe C (jp) wrote: I like to give lengthy reviews, but the original matthew broderick one was good. This was shit. I dont know why I still have it in my collection.

Sarah E (de) wrote: I love this movie so much! i also

Jason M (ag) wrote: It's pretty good but not really as great as it wanted to be.

Alex W (jp) wrote: Speaking as a proud Canadian, I found it hilarious. The plays on stereotypes for either Canadians or Americans were hilarious and actually extremely surprising to see it only rated as 14%...

Harry W (ru) wrote: Though uncertain about my expectations to enjoy the film, with Gigi taking home the Academy Award for Best Picture among many others I felt certain that it had some level of credible entertainment value.Proudly stranded within its roots as a classical-style MGM musical, Gigi is yet another style-oriented production which centres on the relationship between a young girl and her relationship with a wealthy older male socialite. If I'm not mistaken, this is the plot device found in far too many musicals which have bombarded the classical age, My Fair Lady (1964) being the most notorious example. Gigi doesn't make any attempt to break out of the same conventions, it just does the same basic thing while preceding My Fair Lady by six years. While I managed to get remember some of the songs from My Fair Lady and find an appreciation for the cast, I cannot say the same about Gigi.Everything about Gigi points to the fact that it is not a film for me. I'm not one who is found of love stories, particularly ones which are pretentiously optimistic. And nor am I big on classical musicals due to the fact that I prefer films with greater focus on story development than flashy song and dance numbers. Gigi ultimately has none of these; it is proudly rooted in being a relentlessly formulaic and clich musical with all the style and not a hint of substance. Gigi is such a romantic comedy that it doesn't take the time to even try for any drama, resulting in a story bereft of any depth or development whatsoever. With all the pretentious upper-class characters talking about a ridiculous idea of love as a class issue, it becomes hard to sympathise with anyone in Gigi. Then again, characterization was clearly never intended as a key focus of the filmmakers.Gigi has not survived the battle of age that well. Musical aficianados may appreciate its old-fashioned style, but the fact is that the film comes from an era even after the golden age of musicals leaves it a film of its time and not much else. Musical films were big in the early days of cinema because the advent of sound made it a feature to be exploited for the maximum potential of its glory, while technicolour ensured that flashy costumes were a subject of visual marvel. Nostalgia was clearly a major hook for the film's success upon its original release, but when considering that the standard for spectacle filmmaking had risen to the high-ranking status of The Bridge on River Kwai (1957) the previous year, Gigi is too much of a step backwards. A step back to a time which I was personally never too amused by, and the fact that it does so with such a formulaic story that mimics the thin writing of the genre's most generic examples ensures that it never reaches the heights of a homage. Gigi is a recycled movie without enough gimmicks to have any sense of lasting appeal.Gigi is a film which is relentlessly style-driven. Given that it is based on a musical that was based on a novel rather than the source novel itself, the priorities of the film clearly neglect the original meaning in its novel form. I don't know what extent of depth came from the original novel, but I can certify that it has all been lost in translation through its excessive Americanization and turned into a shallow experience. The gimmicks in it all aren't even good because the scenery is repetitive, the costumes aren't that colourful and for a musical film there is a shortage of dance glory. It's enough that none of the actual songs are memorable, but Gigi doesn't offer anything innovative as a visual experience either. Perhaps as a stage production the entire experience is far more fun, but this film adaptation doesn't utilize any impressive production merits which justify its cinematic transition.There isn't necessarily anything wrong with the songs in Gigi because the orchestra lends their support to the brilliant singing talents of the cast, but I cannot pick out any songs that I would consider to be memorable. None of them come with any major hooks as they are all as generic as each other with no major inspiration. Even the Academy Award winning titular song got buried underneath all the rest since they all sounded alike. Frankly, it's one issue for a musical film to have a generic plot. For it to be so forgettable for its visual experience and soundtrack is another entirely. Frankly, Gigi is potentially the most generic musical film I've ever seen. I thought The Sound of Music (196) would hold that status forever, but at least the scenery and cinematography in The Sound of Music was memorable. The only reason Gigi is memorable is because it is so forgettable, so boring. So the film is essentially a paradox.Still, I will admit that the talents of some of the actors cannot be denied. Leslie Caron is a lovely leading lady because she conveys a real sense of young innocence which progresses into more emotional territory as she faces the difficult reality of the situation she is pushed into. We see strong development in the role and some talented singing on behalf of the actress who makes the titular Gigi a mildly likable character. Her chemistry with the surrounding cast brings out the best in her natural charms, and with everyone else around her being pretentiously egotistical she stands out for her innocent friendliness. Leslie Caron is a friendly lead. Maurice Chevalier also makes a charming performer, simply because of his sophistication and the feeling of wisdom that comes with his line delivery.Due to a ridiculous adherence to every formulaic trait of the classic musical genre without any innovative song or dance numbers to support it, Gigi is an example of everything I dislike in the romantic-musical genre realized within a singular overlong and melodramatic film.

Colm M (au) wrote: Seen this first when I was a child. Still genuinely spooky. Classic horror.

Alexander L (br) wrote: Good adaption of the book in my opinion. I don't understand all the critisism it's recieved. I thought it was good. It's a shame we didn't get any sequels.

Peter B (de) wrote: A character study of an actress that examines many subjects involved with fame and aging. The acting is excellent, which is no surprise from Binoche but also from Stewart. What isn't excellent is how self-indulgent much of the writing/directing feels. Also the scenery is beautiful but do we really need that many shots of moving clouds.

John D (it) wrote: Clouds of Sils Maria is seemingly packed with themes layered upon themes, and I'd need to see it again to truly dismantle the piece. It's ostensibly a movie about aging, and while it hits the obvious notes of the treatment women receive with age in the film industry, its not limited to that aspect; this film can be seen as about how people grow and change, not specifically actors. It seems like it was edited with a sledgehammer, and the fiction-within-the-fiction doesn't justify the in-film praise it receives, but Clouds is an incredibly clever movie which builds exceptional characters for Binoche and Stewart, whose chemistry is so remarkable that it almost works as a buddy film disregarding the big heavy metaphors. While there are certain things whose relevance I haven't placed yet (notably toward the end), this is a movie of such confidence that I am sure there is more to be revealed on repeat viewings.

Alec B (br) wrote: The satirical elements that made Romero's original so great are completely gone here . . . Still it's an enjoyable, if highly derivative, genre piece.

David J (jp) wrote: "Harry Potter" hasn't lost it's charm, but if I were taken hostage by my school and chained to the bottom of a lake for a school-sponsored wizardry competition, I would, at least, be looking into other schools that I'm qualified to enroll in at the end of the semester.

Norm d (br) wrote: This is a good show where a personal drama of collapse, recovery, recompense, and redemption are painted onto the canvas of big city haute & nouveau cuisine. And Cooper gets it done. It's a food movie, for sure. If you don't care for those, this won't grab you. But a movie like this must be incredibly challenging to stage & shoot - and have the food prep & presentation look amazing. The cast is outstanding, all superb in significant supporting roles. Sienna Miller is subsumed into her role, effectively, and plays it understatedly & well. Vikander is almost a cameo; but she never fails to shine whatever the vehicle. So the low ratings seem unfair. This was a good movie with lots of intensity & no more predictable than any other. In fact, there's a nice feint in the plot.. (However, what Mario Batali contributed - and why was he consulted? - is hard to say. There are many better choices of consultants.)