• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:7 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Digital 2005 full movies, Digital torrents movie

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Manny M (ca) wrote: really well put together, an interesting watch

Allison K (de) wrote: Loved this dolphins....can't wait to see Harry Connick Jr...Kris Kristofferson, Ashley Judd..!!!..

Nicolas K (it) wrote: A revenge story from Romania with powerful performances (especially from the lead Hilda Peter) and vivid direction of Peter Strickland who additionally utilises the score and the surrounding setting as contributing characters to the film. The story unravels in a slow pace whilst the drama builds up to the final retribution.

Lilianetty l (br) wrote: I don't know why but for whatever reason I felt watching the modern version of HANNIBAL all over again (in style of camera, editing, style). The only difference is that Anthony Hopkins is not HANNIBAL here and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is not a WINCHESTER'S Dad or a killer hated of THE WALKING DEAD xD If you like detective stories, this movie is for you. A case of a serial killer, many dead bodies with the same mark near the neck...who will be the next victim? Who is the killer? *I believe even Sherlock Holmes would solve this case in a blink of an eye LOL* Enjoy. - 2016 review.

Befani G (br) wrote: I felt like there was too much missing here, especially in the way of character development. It had a sharp script, but things moved far too quickly that it all felt a little bit 'fairytale'.

Cline D (us) wrote: C'est pas du Shakespeare ni du Spielberg, mais c'est fort divertissant !! Je souhaite voir les 3 autres... Vais-je regretter mon souhait ?... ;o)

Robert I (mx) wrote: The last great Seagal movie. Action packed and even interesting. Fantastic cast. Highly recommend "Cradle 2 The Grave" if you liked this.

Phil R (it) wrote: boobs like a bag full of ferrets

Gail A (us) wrote: I thought it was dreadful and shut it off.

Charlene H (nl) wrote: A favorite growing up, despite the racism.

Robert N (ag) wrote: A film that's full of the subtle visual tricks film teachers love to point out (character X ruined the life of character Y, and so they stand in such a manner that their shadow hovers over them, etc.), none of which manage to save the utterly simplistic story propelled by one-note characters, one that relies on bludgeoning shock value over everything else. Even that fails to work, though, because it is just so damn predictable. The biggest shock is one that you'll expect 10 minutes in advance, and the ending is obvious starting from the middle of the movie.

Robert B (jp) wrote: Proof is a nice little film I rate up mainly on account of the performances and some good moviemaking. Gwyneth Paltrow gives an earnest performance and makes for a sympathetic and believable lead. The other actors are up to par and nicely compliment her character. The film tries to hit a sentimental note, and move the audience with some dramatic scenes. I cannot say it totally comes off, but it comes off well-enough. Proof is a bit like a modern day Bergman film, with similar kind of heart, but is more optimistic.

Kim M (jp) wrote: I have no clue what this movie suggests, and because of that reason, I love it.

Daniel P (kr) wrote: Actually pretty likeable with plenty of amusing moments :) top marks Chevy! I'll be watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation before you can say eggnog...