Jean-Claude is a loud-mouthed, know-it-all and full time boor who is best friends with Stef, a self-styled lady killer who would do better with the fairer sex if he could work up the ambition to wake up in the morning. Stef has decided that he may need some help in finding the woman of his dreams, and embracing loyalty rather than logic he turns to Jean-Claude for advice.

Claudy Faucan is manager of a slaughterhouse in Belgium and an amateur photographer. After a photoshoot with beautiful Natacha... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shantell P (gb) wrote: Truly terrible zombie movie, this must have been pieced together while the producers were drunk. There are parts where they simply forgot to add the audio track. Amazing... The only part I enjoyed was when a zombie had its leg blown off with a shotgun, then started noshing down on the severed limb.

Ian M (es) wrote: Genius casting of Bill. The ups and downs, battles with sexism for the first female BBC producer, fighting to get the Daleks on screen and their success. Just a beautiful representation. Fabulous.

Inga H (es) wrote: So, this is part 1 of a trilogy, thank goodness. This film explains nothing. It's entertaining enough but not original. Lets hope that part 2 gets made so we can find out what the creature is.

Alex r (it) wrote: Street Trash is one bizarre horror flick. Street Trash is one of the goriest, most disgusting films, but man is it fun. The plot of the film is fairly simple, a liquor store sells bottles of a drink called Viper that makes hobos melt. Thats all it is. But the strength of the film lies within its special effects and originality. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, even for its flaws, the film was still lots of fun to watch. Street Trash has one of the most simple plots to a horror/exploitation film, and the real star in this film are the gooey special effects. For me, it's what makes this film a must see. Not only that, but there's some very low brow comedy in this film that might appeal to fans of other bizarre horror comedies such as Basket Case. Street Trash is a well made film that is often overlooked because of it's obvious plot. Melting Hobos isn't exactly an interesting plot, or is it? Street Trash though a simplistic film in its execution offers a very entertaining hour and a half that is one of the most memorable, bizarre and horrifying rides that you will take. Director James Muro would later work as a steadicam operator for many big Hollywood blockbusters such as Terminator 2 and Titanic. I find it pretty funny how a film this bizarre would be made by a man who would film some big blockbusters. Street Trash is a fairly obscure title in the Horror genre, and it deserves at least one viewing. The film though eccentric is still fairly original, and evokes qualities of Peter Jackson's earliest directorial efforts.

Meriem H (es) wrote: Le sourire de Burt Lancaster...

Patrick S (fr) wrote: my favorite van damme movie as a youngster