Dil Ki Kare

Dil Ki Kare

A couple facing adversity must find comfort in each other or betray their love.

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Dil Ki Kare torrent reviews

Cars L (nl) wrote: Funny jokes and great storyline

John F (ca) wrote: One of my favorite documentaries. Makes me want to buy electric

Ian S (br) wrote: Aliens try to colonize the Arctic in this thriller set at a top secret lab in Alaska. Good storyline to this film

Rick B (mx) wrote: I love Sayles and this captures my homestate in ways no other film has. It made my wife understand me a bit more.

Brian P (ca) wrote: This movie might cause u to spin ! ;) excellent movie , great cast ! :)

Jose Felix M (es) wrote: Nada destacable. Bastante basica.

Shaheena K (it) wrote: really cool songs in dis movi

Will M (fr) wrote: I woulda beat this kids ASS!!!!

Scott R (ca) wrote: I found myself bored with Clift's character. But the film still has appeal in the drama. Baxter was good, as well as Malden. Montreal was also nice. The courtroom scene was a bit contrived, and they definitely led the witness. It was funny that the killer should be German with a Luger.

Nate A (ca) wrote: it's really messed up and real shady

Aubrey J (au) wrote: I love everything about this movie. A beautiful love letter to the History of Cinema.

Sirena G (mx) wrote: I love him and this movie