Dil Kya Kare

Dil Kya Kare

Anand Kishore, his wife, Kavita and only child, a daughter, Neha , live a happy and serene life in Delhi, India. Their lives are turned upside down when Kavita finds out that Neha is being stalked by a woman named Nandita Rai

Anand Kishore (Ajay Devgan), his wife, Kavita (Mahima Chaudhary), and only child, a daughter, Neha (Akshita Garud), live a happy and serene life in Delhi, India. The peace and quiet of this... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniela M (es) wrote: its an ok movie.Not bad but not great. At times its kinda boring and what drove me crazy was the french speaking and no subtitles! Its more of a romantic movie set in the world war

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Ben C (br) wrote: A mockery of what Sunday School is supposed to be, given that it is nothing more than a blatant rip-off of HSM, and a excruciating one at that with the musical numbers being horrible, and has a budget of a high-school play (given that there is a banner designed by some children), even though that is expected from The "infamously frugal-budgeted" Asylum. If you even intend to watch something that goes against what said school is supposed to represent, instead watch the original High School Musical movies, or (preferrably) Footloose.

Angie S (br) wrote: This was annoying in ways. Just could not get that into it.

David B (es) wrote: I wanted to like this so much more after the first miserable viewing experience I had with it last year and luckily it did get better on teh second viewing. You see it is Brian Yuzna's follow up to the really enjoyable Rottwieler flick of 05. I gave this another go this weekend and found it wasn't the terrible movie I originally though it was. Although still far from being great, BSW holds up against the amazing b-grade back catalogue from this man. If only Mr Yuzna had a decent budget to work with I believe his horror vision would be given the treatment it deserves. The Dentist, Bride of Re-Animator, Beyond Re-Animator, Return of The Living Dead III and Rottweiler all could have been so much greater if they didn't have to suffer the low-budget treatment which usually includes bad acting, weird cinematography and a bad edit with the package. This man from spain deserves so much more. If he's not given the chance soon, I believe he will never escape this low-budget realm, which isn't all bad, but I would love to see him given the budget of say a movie from Hollywood to express his ideas. This is really a hard movie to describe as it's a classic horror tale at heart, but mixes the horrors of say The Fog with say those from Night of the Living Dead. It is a silly movie really, but those who don't mind a film that doesn't stick to traditional horror elements like Creatures(zombies, werewolves etc), Ghosts or Slashers may like this.

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