Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar

Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar

Three friends, who have known each other for a long time, decide to enter a singing and musical competition.

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Giovanni V (ca) wrote: Pretty good documentary, nice famous designer being interviewed here

Summer (br) wrote: Very lame, but there was boobies... so eh! it was alright.

Christopher E (mx) wrote: Emotionally driven and well directed, "I Am Legend" is one of smartest apocalyptic films in recent memories.Robert Neville is one of the last survivors on earth after a cure for cancer went rogue. As the plague hit, billions were wiped out and vampiric entities took over. By day, this man scowers the city for supplies and hides at night. With Samantha (Dog) by his side, he will work to find a cure at ground zero.Next to films like "Concussion", this is also one of Will Smith's top performances. I think if there's anything you can take from this film, it's his ability to excel in the role and deliver more than a few emotional moments. In a very reclusive and apocalyptic film, the actor has to be able to bring out the emotions and mental state of their character through small bits and with intangible objects, and he does a wonderful job here. I really like how he shows the state of mind that Neville is in and how he's halfway lost his sanity. His performance brought me to tears on a couple occasions and I'd be lying if I said I didn't have chills down my spine.I've seen this in multiple reviews and many people were not satisfied with the visuals at hand. Personally, I didn't have a problem with them considering they weren't the prime focus of the movie. The director did a great job of showing you just enough and when the time called for it, the full reveal wasn't too shabby. Considering the writer/director knew where this movie was going and they knew that the vampire creatures weren't the primary focus, the visuals will suffice. The movie also does a great job of relaying this isolated feeling toward its audience. The film starts out with an interview, giving you the low down on what went down. Then, the first sequence in the movie magnifies the scope of the situation at hand and you truly feel like our character is alone in the city. There's this eery feeling throughout and I felt like there was the constant threat of danger. It's the little things that really creates this environment at hand, such as Robert Neville talking to mannequins, golfing on the wing of a fighter, losing your food to a pack of lions, or having your only friend be a dog, everything really adds up in the end and makes this film memorable.I've watched this film on multiple accounts by now and I've enjoyed it more each time. It's so interesting to find all these little foreshadowing details hidden discretely on screen and I still get emotional in the same scenes. This is an excellent, underrated film, and a true example on how apocalyptic movies should be filmed.

Private U (us) wrote: Murakami adaptation goes 1 for 1. I have much hope for Norwegian Wood now

Cindy D (us) wrote: Like Steven Seagal, Wesley Snipes in unable to play in a good movie.

Caleb M (kr) wrote: Films get delayed, recut, and dumped in theaters for a few days, if at all. Baldwin's The Devil and Daniel Webster, having been delayed for 3 years and re-titled Shortcut to Happiness, is a typical "dump' film: it's messy, poorly edited, production values vary but are mostly sub-par compared to similar releases, and the plot jumps uneasily between comedy and drama. Still, these messy films can be rewarding to watch. I take pleasure in finding moments or elements or worth in miniscule efforts and The Devil and Daniel Webster has moments where you can see a perfectly decent film underneath it all. True, we don't really need another version of this story, but there are no new ideas anyway, and a remake with some imagination or desire to do something is better than the next Ratner or Bruckheimer flick, right? Often these dumped films really are awful, and sometimes there are hidden gems to be discovered, but more often than not they are just decent little films that have good intentions behind them, but get bogged down by interfering studios or filmmakers with big egos. It may not be great, or even all that good, but I found this film a worthwhile one-time watch for those moments that genuinely try to say something.

Arieal M (mx) wrote: Awesome, "fuck all the men"

Neil A (ru) wrote: The original scary movie. Funny odd film.

Jordan P (nl) wrote: Camilla Belle hurls herself into an emotionally and physically demanding role with heroic conviction, but this update of the 1979 movie of the same name is a suitably suspenseful but ultimately empty exercise in cat-and-mouse torment, without any hint of identity or motive given to its creeper nor does it add anything new to the classic legend, "The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs."