Dile a Laura que la quiero

Dile a Laura que la quiero

Happily married Jorge finds himself attracted to the beautiful Estrella, but when his wife, Laura, discovers his infidelity and promptly moves out, he vows to do whatever it takes to win her back in this Spanish screwball comedy. Jorge's madcap schemes become increasingly complicated, and he becomes even more desperate when Laura begins spending time with a handsome young singer.

The relationsip between Jorge and Laura as a married couple works perfectly well till she finds him with another woman. Then Laura leaves the flat they share and goes to live with a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Riccardo Antonio R (de) wrote: a lot of hype a little story CRAP

Emma C (au) wrote: I'm a little indifferent about this film. It was totally predictable and the acting was so-so for me. I found it more cheese balls than amazeballs.

Trine L (ru) wrote: English is not my first language, and I have always found Shakespeare difficult, ancient and inaccessible. That has changed for me with David Tennant's portrayal of Hamlet. The old lines make sense to me in this interpretation, all the different plot lines come together and the story becomes relevant and feels very contemporary. Patrick Stewart as Claudius is extremely scary and gives a feeling of exceeding evil and lust for power. Peter De Jersey is simply heart warming as Hamlets friend Horatio, and all the exchanges by these two marvelous actors are spectacular. In general, the cast is very good, and even characters such as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who are usually somewhere between dull and annoying, are engaging, it is even possible to sympathize with them, when Hamlet puts them through the wringer. I am less impressed with Ophelia, when she acts opposite Hamlet, however the scenes of madness are very strong.The Hamlet we meet in this production is very clearly defined, and moves delicately and beautifully in and out of the realms of mourning, sanity, madness and feigned madness, and does it with a dramatic and comedic grace rarely seen anywhere. I had not seen David Tennant in anything before, but I was completely blown away by his performance and have been a slave of his genious ever since. For me, his is a seminal Hamlet.

Pramod N (ru) wrote: Dont go for this tamil remake..... See the Original..... This is not just one of the actor Mohanlal's best but also one of the best movies ever made in Malayalam.

Luke W (ru) wrote: You will probably only like this live DVD if you are a fan of Rush in the 80's, when synthesizers dominated their sound. I like the music they released during the decade, and found this live film to be a fairly straightforward one. This is a film which is all Lee/Peart/Lifeson, with short clips of the audience and animations that were shown at the concert interspersed throughout. The songs are performed well, and I enjoyed this film thoroughly form start to finish.

Ryan C (nl) wrote: the effects and acting where very bad and really played into ruining this movie it could have been better the plot was good just not carried out

Robert H (es) wrote: Historical inacurasies aside, this film has some very bizarre messages whether it be with regards to tradition, native beliefs, romance, or how a sequel should be made.The songs here aren't better than the first and the best of them are too similar to the first film to truly stand on their own.The animation is great and the characters fun but Disney should have either gone full tilt make believe or stayed closer to history. Can't say I've seen many films where the love story in the first one was essentially thrown out with the second film but that's essentially what we get with this film. Again, I'm not sure what this film was trying to portray as a message but I couldn't find many good ones in it.

Farah R (ru) wrote: The beautiful scenery and captivating wilderness of Alaska is the only pleasant aspect of this dull, slow paced drama. From the beginning, the protagonist McKenzie is unlikable and even obnoxious which makes it hard to sympathize with her situation even though she's a victim. There's also the lack of character development and the absence of a compelling storyline. Those problems ultimately lead to a disappointing and rather annoying two hours.