Two brothers -- Ranvir and Rajvir along with their parents move to Mumbai. They endure numerous hardships, but their will to survive prevails and they succeed. Soon, their parents pass away, leaving young Rajvir in the care of Ranvir. Now wealthy beyond any means, Ranvir runs the business and Rajvir lives recklessly...

A new Sanskrit teacher (Dharmendra) comes to teach at a girls' school. The chemistry teacher (Hema Malini) becomes annoyed at his style of teaching. He falls in love with her and tries to win her over. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dillagi torrent reviews

Matt R (ag) wrote: I really don't understand why this movie didn't do better than it did. It's actually pretty decent.

Ryan V (de) wrote: Not good stuff. Made so long after the original, it doesn't even feel like a sequel. This actually went direct-to-video everywhere else in the world but here.

Shawn S (mx) wrote: This has an excellent story with a great sense of humor.

Juli K (au) wrote: How can people be so negative re: "Blacula"?!!! I *loved* it ! Very stylized for that time period, well written with intermittent dark humor, great cast (I *love* William Marshall), Blacula is an iconic film which I would recommend for the pleasure of William Marshall's voice (audio sex ; ) alone.

Mon I (au) wrote: one of tsui hark masterpiece!!camera style on sword point of view is remarkable

karl a (kr) wrote: I first saw Frenzy, 30 yrs ago as a young man and saw it as a masoganistic minor Hitchcock film, sloppily made and easily forgettable. I saw it as a last ditch effort, by a once film master, to return to the directorial form he enjoyed with films like Psycho and North By Northwest. I had a rare chance to revisit the film on the big screen recently and now that I am approximatly the same age that Hitchcock was when he directed Frenzy, I saw what Hitchcock had created in an entirely new light. The viewing was nothing short of an epiphany for me. I saw Frenzy as an homage to his wife and maybe even an apology to all women after years of objectifying them in his films. From a man who became defined by the brutal and titilating shower scene in Psycho, maybe this was a chance at redemption. The film takes place during the reign of terror by a serial killer in London, who rapes and then strangles his victims using a necktie. Through a series of unlucky events one man is investigated and charged by the police, while the real killer continues to stalk the streets. But what I believe the film is truly about is an end of life realization by Hitchcock that women are the true heroes in our lives. If you examine every woman in this film you soon realize their one focus is to bring love and joy to the people and more specifically the men around them. The main characters ex-wife secretly slips money into his pocket when she sees that he is down on his luck. The police chiefs wife who continually tries to broaden his culinary apetite as she chides him to look at the case from a new perspective. They are all smart, organized, humble and generous to a fault. Even the rape scene feels more like a woman finally giving in to her dates advances. And what does she get for it ? Suffocation, using the one symbolic item of clothing that is distinctly male. A necktie... Where as all the men come across as bumbling self serving clowns , who dont see what they have right in front of them. And seem to treat the murders as more of a means of entertainment. In fact one of the pivotal scenes where the killer gets stuck in a potato truck trying to retrieve a piece of evidence off a corpse comes across as more slapstick than suspense. Bravo Mr Hitchcock for showing that it is not your film that is masoganistic, but it is the men that inhabit them. Love the women in your life....dont suffocate them....or you may lose them for good....

Scott C (fr) wrote: This was made at a time when Nicholas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker were actually really likeable and engaging onscreen. A terrific romantic comedy.

Ben G (gb) wrote: Didn't finish it. It lacks excitement. Most of the acting is bad. Kevin Costner does not make a very good Robin Hood.

Nightshadow W (fr) wrote: lol i love how people claim this movie to be shit based SOLY on the fact that its not super mariomeanwhile its a cult classic for people like me who enjoy the movie based on what it IS not what it should have been so in other words cry all you want about it not being the real mario but it doesnt change the fact that the movie is as far from bad as you would love to believe they wanted a mario movie that was dark and gritty and thats what they made so if you were expecting a happy go lucky mario movie then go somewhere else and bitch cause its not here?