The life of American public enemy number one who was shot by the police in 1934.

John Dillinger begins his life of crime as a petty thief, meets his future gang in prison and eventually masterminds a series of daring robberies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua S (ru) wrote: Only because Noel "Mickey" Clarke is in it.

Mohammed A (nl) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Heather M (jp) wrote: I am going to pass on this.

Angela G (kr) wrote: congrats to this movie for showing me a zombie nutsack with a baby of some sort that oozed out of it on a river of trouser snake protein shake. i almost died of boredom before that.

Dana G (es) wrote: Great spoof...and a decent movie as long as you do take it as a spoof on horror movies!

Walker F (us) wrote: Haven't seen it in a while, but I remember loving it

Grant S (mx) wrote: Nothing new. One night stand turns into love, they fight, they make up, Hollywood ending. Had potential to be original, but then continued on the road more travelled. A few interesting or funny moments, but mostly fairly boring.David Wenham and Susie Porter are OK in the lead roles.

James H (it) wrote: Personally I am not a fan of many gay movies. I find most of them to be the same repetitive story. But this one I would say differantly. It's not about some guy who sneaks around having sex with 50 guys in a week until something happens that turns his life upside-down. It actually has a heart to it. The story about a New Yorker going back to the small town he was raised in- Big Eden, Montana. He meets all his childhood friends and family and tries to stay in the closet from them since it's a small town. Strangely just about everyone's gaydar goes off pretty well and they still care about him either way. Then there's his high school best friend which he has his eyes on. Sadly he's married but nonetheless he likes him two. Awkward moments after awkward moments when they admit to eachother thier love, another man comes into play with a hidden interest for the main character: the native-american store clerk at the local hangout place for most of the men to chill out.Wishing he knew the man in high school he begins to hang out with him more, growing a friendly relationship till the native's crush grows bigger. Now he must choose between the two. Overall it's almost something Hallmark would make. It's such a feelgood film it might as well be a card. But it is still a great movie about acceptance and works well for it's more-emotional scenes. The acting is pulled off abley and the music is decent for folk/country music, likable. Enjoyable, likeable, watchable. My only complaint: The big screen kiss. Even for straight couples it goes on a bit long. I remember sitting there thinking WATCH THIS MOVIE.

Crow S (it) wrote: This one has not aged well.

Judith M (ag) wrote: Unless you have been in Shirley V's position you can't really appreciate this movie. I give it SIX stars!!!!

darren o (de) wrote: Totally inept and shabby. How could this have actually gotten released for public consumption?

FilmGrinder S (ru) wrote: 73% "We're going to get back to Earth, all right, and we're going to take our monster visitor with us."-Allen Brenner (John Saxon) The year is 1990, Dennis Hopper is clean cut, green alien chick drinks the blood of male astronauts. She eventually dies, after laying what apear to be baby cabbages smothered in green jello sauce. "Eggs?"-Allen Brenner

Devon (jp) wrote: Edward Arnold comes through again, this time as the legendary Daniel Webster, a lawyer and statesman who seemed more myth than man. Unfortunately, the bulk of the movie is about Jabez Stone, a simple farmer with a deep voice who likes to say "consarnit!" alot (and I do mean alot). Early in the movie, he makes a deal with the devil to become wealthy and have good fortune, and from that point on, we're shown the evils that money brings. Anne Shirley is the really beautiful actress playing his wife Mary, and Jane Darwell (Ma Joad from "the Grapes of Wrath") plays his loudly concerned mother. There's very little in the way of character development going on, outside of the typical 1940s hayseed dialogue (at one point, one of the characters cringe-inducingly says to another "that's mighty white of you"). Perhaps the only element with any sort of shocking undertone was the character "Belle" (as played by Simone Simon). As the devil's seductress, she basically kicks the wife out of the house and steals her son away. Jabez even builds a mansion just for her. Surely risque business for the 40s. It's not until the last 20 minutes that Daniel Webster and the devil actually duke it out, and it's a little anti-climactic at that. On the plus side, there's some outstanding direction and use of lense-smudging to create an eerie effect on the "jury of the damned". In spite of some corny cheesiness, it's still a worthy classic.

EpicLadySponge t (au) wrote: It might be better than Shrek the Third, but it won't be better than the first two installments.

Quade C (gb) wrote: Was so let down with this one. It's long and boring and nothing much happens. When stuff finally gets moving, the movie ends. The scares presented were basically borrowed from other movies anyway. Just don't worry with this one.

Mario J (fr) wrote: Muy mala de principio a fin, realmente decepcionante. Malas actuaciones, mala historia, mal guin, en fin casi todo mal. No recomiendo que la vean a menos que no paguen por hacerlo lol.