Dillinger and Capone

Dillinger and Capone

In 1934, J. Edgar Hoover and the boys made headlines for mowing down John Dillinger in a hail of bullets outside Chicago's Biograph theater. But in fact, according to this Jon Purdy gangster thriller, the Feds iced Dillinger's brother. Fast-forward five years, when mobster kingpin Al Capone (F. Murray Abraham) gives the real Dillinger (Martin Sheen) an offer he can't refuse: rob millions from a secluded vault or watch his wife and child get whacked.

July 22, 1934 - outside Chicago's Biograph Theater, a barrage of FBI bullets brings down John Dillinger. As the body of Public Enemy Number one crumbles to the ground, one of the strangest,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul K (au) wrote: This movie is worth watching for the realization that societies change a great deal over a couple generations' time, and its useful to be shocked at what used to be taken for granted. Its also worth considering how shocked we might be a decade or two down the road by things we have been taking for granted, such as a ban on serving openly in the military based on sexual preferences. The sets are stage-like and some of the lines, like the characters, are delivered with great effort and brevity, as they might be on a stage. This adds to the sense of unreality, of the breach between the fantasy-like appearance of things and the dark undertones.

Noah Abraham G (au) wrote: Remarkably stupid, "Saving Silverman" is actually pretty funny most of the time, thanks to Steve Zahn and Jack Black. Maybe it's because I'm sensitive to that sort of thing, but the theme of losing your best friend really connected with me.

Kenneth S (br) wrote: It was scarier when I saw it in high school. The acting is terrible...maybe I'll read the book.

Paul H (es) wrote: A great un-noticed feel good film!

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Edgar C (br) wrote: Yes, Scorsese starts to show off with musical grandiloquence but who are we to entirely blame him? Cinema has always been a passion of his, and remember: he was just getting started. Enjoyable copy of a theater.80/100

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