Dillinger Is Dead

Dillinger Is Dead

Back home, Glauco, an industrial designer, finds his wife in bed with a serious headache. She has left him dinner but it is cold and Glauco decides to prepare himself a gourmet meal...

Back home, Glauco, an industrial designer, finds his wife in bed with a serious headache. She has left him dinner but it is cold and Glauco decides to prepare himself a gourmet meal. While ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amber D (ca) wrote: the whole idea for this movie is pretty genious..."THIS IS NOT A FILM", is a film about a film. it's sweet and funny and even though the main character is kind of oblivious, you're still hoping that he'll find Grace, his ex-girlfriend, in the end. this movie teaches a good lesson: if you love someone, TELL THEM YOU IDIOT! before they move back to ireland to comfort their dying grandmother and never speak to you again...

c d (nl) wrote: tonnament, on pouvait s'attendre quelque chose de qutaine, mais j'tais surprise, par-dessus tout par l'incroyable jeu de la jeune actrice qui fait Aurore. Et surtout, un point qui attire toujours mon attention, la musique n'est pas mlodramatique, elle est sobre, juste, et laisse au film donner les motions. C'est bas sur un de nos plus clbre faits divers qubcois, et je crois que ce fut trait avec justesse. Un film qu'on attend avant de revoir.... car c'est assez sordide.

Marie T (nl) wrote: Heart breaking and heart warming, everything that love should be. Wonderful narrative, montage and photography. I loved this movie

Maria Z (gb) wrote: I didn`t quite get the point but for some reason I liked it...

Danny O (br) wrote: the best of the hunter docs

Brinn O (ag) wrote: I found this movie oddly entertaining. Not as frightening as it wants to be., though.

Dustin H (mx) wrote: still kind of enjoy this film.

Chris C (br) wrote: Though slightly formulaic in the traditional cop action films, Striking Distance benefits mainly by the solid performances by and on-screen chemistry between Bruce Willis and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Lisa B (gb) wrote: it was ok but very confusing

Raji K (kr) wrote: Al Pacino and Hellen Keller star in a film produced by Martin Bregman, Sea of Love. Pacino is Frank Keller, a New York Police officer that is on the job for 20 years. He is about to come across one of his most complex cases yet. Various men are being killed and they are leaving the record "Sea of Love" playing on the record player. Investigation points to a woman, that is killing men that are leaving an ad in the section of the newspaper. Pacino and his partner Detective Sherman (John Goodman), decide to set up a sting operation and put up their own ad in the paper. They begin dating several women, and try and finger the culprit. Along the way, Keller comes across the beautiful Helen Cruger (Ellen Barkin). Keller begins courting her, despite the fact that she really could be the killer. His instant connection with her makes her believe she cannot be the killer, even though various signs and evidence throughout the movie point to her. Sea of Love attempts to be a steamy dark crime thriller. The film gets somewhat lost in the romantic entanglement between Pacino and Keller, and gets to be a bit too distracting from the case. Keller and Pacino put up average performances to keep the film afloat. The film noir has more potential than is brought forth on screen. Sea of Love is an average crime drama that could have brought more to the table with some of the names attached. -12.29.2016

Ryan H (fr) wrote: Plenty of stylistic choices that work well for Rohmer's final film in his Six Moral Tales. Chloe in the Afternoon raises many questions about getting older and the way love truly works. Can Frederic truly love two women at the same time? The prologue gives the audience plenty of time to fully understand Frederic and how he handles women, or at least that's what we think. He says that he doesn't look at women like he looks at his wife. It's like all women are an extension of his wife. He couldn't love her any more. During the prologue there's a really funny scene that shows all the women that Frederic sees during lunch falling for everything he says because of a necklace he wears. He says it's a necklace with magnetic powers. Even a guy that he talks to gives away his girlfriend because of the necklace. I've also just read an interesting little bit that these women played the main women in his previous moral tales and they even follow the characters they were, except Laura who rejects him because she has grown up. The rejection also works because his imagination can only take him so far, which leads off to him pursuing something more in reality. Just an interesting little bit I found. Anyways, Frederic seems happy with his life and his marriage, but when Chloe comes back he doesn't quite know how to react. At first he finds her to be annoying and not much different than when he last saw her. Then when she stops talking to him he becomes jealous that she treats him with detachment like he did her. They have an interesting friendship throughout the film. She comes by and sees him in the afternoons for his lunch break. They go shopping together, they talk a lot about marriage, the past, and Chloe's life now. Chloe says she couldn't ever marry a man because the love would become fake. Love never lasts. That's why she hangs around Frederic; she's waiting for him to realize that it's okay to falter because his wife probably does as well. The dialogue used her is much like the dialogue of other moral tales and Godard's films; the characters take their time getting their thoughts out without needing much of a reaction from the other character. Once they are done with their speech the other character gives theirs. It reminds me of the dialogue style in Glengarry Glen Ross. But it's hardly ever boring because what the say really strikes a point. The ending where Frederic denies Chloe because he sees himself in the mirror with his shirt over his head like when he's playing with his son is fantastic. And then him going home and him and his wife clearly understand they have some big problems they work through was the best possible ending. They never say anything to each other about other lovers, but we understand. It's time for them to talk and be more open with each other. Throughout the film Frederic never lies to Helene about what he's doing in the afternoons, he just never tells her. Perhaps that's just as damaging as a flat out lie. At least that's one of the things Rohmer's getting at in this film.

Deadly V (gb) wrote: Glossy and totally unbelievable but entertaining

Kipp G (fr) wrote: An excellent film noir. My favorite scene is the one in which Burt Lancaster sees Yvonne DeCarlo dancing (with an uncredited Tony Curtis). She looks gorgeous, and you just know he's completely powerless against her.

Ben R (nl) wrote: Really good performances and some interesting subject matter, but ultimately a little boring.

Muffin M (ag) wrote: For years, store clerk Zack Bradley (Dane Cook) has been working hard at hardly working. But with the arrival of hot new cashier Amy (Jessica Simpson), and the discovery that she likes to date the Employee of the Month, Zack has a sudden change of attitude and embarks on an all-out, super-smackdown contest with the current Employee of the Month (Dax Shepard) to see who can win the award... and Amy's affections.also stars Brian George, Danny Woodburn, Andy Dick, Tim Bagley, Efren Ramirez and Marcello Thedford.directed by Greg Coolidge.

Elton G (jp) wrote: Although i find it overrated, the first entry in LOTR is still an epic fantasy with impressive special effects and great casting choices.

Aldo M (us) wrote: To my opinion, not the best by Wim Wenders. I did not like James Franco very much. However, visually the film is beautiful.

Darris M (ca) wrote: Not what I expected but great movie!!!

Aaron H (kr) wrote: Anyone who didn't like this movie doesn't reserve the right to have an opinion :D Probably one of Christian Bale's best performances.