Dimmi che destino avrò

Dimmi che destino avrò


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Yudi J (br) wrote: amazing... i think i really need to watched takashi miike's movie now to compare which one is better between him and this movie's director, Sion Sono...found out about this movie after i watched love exposure, a 4 hour long movie directed by Sion Sono...this movie is graphic, the theme itself was probably not for everyone........

Kaitlyn H (mx) wrote: It made my head hurt, really bad. It pretty much had every bad aspect a documentary could have.

Ben P (mx) wrote: Not normally my favourite subject but extremely well done. It's a very powerful storyline and an interesting look into causality. It's got some great camera work and transitions.

Rosalind R (gb) wrote: Maybe my favorite lesbian comedy. Also the main character is Jewish. It's a win win.

Naomi G (de) wrote: I was surprised to learn that Meatloaf was in both Hair and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. One of the creators of Rocky Horror ended up in Meatloaf's band. This documentary was not very good. While it gave a whirlwind account of how Meatloaf had a troubled childhood, which can only be gathered from the fact that everything in the documentary about his childhood is troubling, the movie doesn't adequately explain how meatloaf made decided on a career in music.

Adam K (fr) wrote: Date Night had some side-splitting moments. Even though, towards the end, there were a few scenes of 'poor-improvisation', overall this was good entertainment.

Robert R (es) wrote: This film is a disturbing masterpiece. It is an absolute travesty that it was neither nominated for Best Pictures, nor where it's 2 actors nominated. In addition, the sound design, cinematography, and editing are absolutely incredible.

Ken S (br) wrote: This is a bizarre movie, but it has a solid execution, and is really fun if you can get past the very odd premise. Essentially Ken Marino plays Duncan, a guy with terrible stress management issues and a lot of stressful things piling on. After enough piles on, Milo appears. Milo is a stress monster that comes out of Duncan's butt and attacks and kills whoever is causing the major stress at any particular time. Like I said, it is weird...but it as a horror/comedy with a rubber puppet monster it is solid. Great comedy cast, a fun monster design that feels kind of like an 80s throwback, and a plot about dealing with stress that all kind of comes together. A movie about a stress monster in a guy's butt is never going to be a great movie, but it can be a really entertaining and fun movie.