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Dinda's torrent reviews

Gustavo R (au) wrote: scary stuff if you really pay attention to details and if you're Latino and believe in supernatural/cursed things

Jen H (ca) wrote: I thought in some aspects it was excellently done in terms of the social commentary and script, but a bit under-developed in the movie especially some of the acting and editing. I am actually really impressed with the movie, and how the thematic exposition was presented and the ambition.

Gregory W (nl) wrote: ok indy frankly i didn't really care about these characters

Tyler P (gb) wrote: Survival psychiatrique.

Sammy M (br) wrote: Jawbreaker is much darker than the classic teen comedies and it's not as good either but it is entertaining and has some great characters. 3.5\5 Entertaining.

Wes S (mx) wrote: A unneeded remake that doesn't add anything to the original, making you feel like you're watching the same movie all over again- only less so. Carrie comes off as a Jedi from Star Wars, and her powers are less interesting. The climax is rushed and has too much spectacle to it, which really dumbs it down. The ending isn't as exciting or spooky as the original.

eric e (de) wrote: Ok, this is a pre maranda warning cop flick, with a benchmark setting car chase! Oh one more thing, look closely at that bit part taxi driver... he might look familiar.