A group of college-age buddies struggle with their imminent passage into adulthood in 1959 Baltimore.

. . Hairdresser and law school student Boogie is the player of the bunch, . Indeed, Beth, who has lost her sense of identity, is unhappy in their marriage, and contemplates having an affair with someone who provides what she believes is a sympathetic shoulder. Inexperienced Eddie turns to the only other married one among the bunch, electronics salesman and music aficionado Shrevie, for advice, he who may not be the best person from who to ask advice on marriage since he doesn't yet realize that he probably got married to his wife Beth for the wrong reasons. Baltimore Colts fanatic Eddie is scheduled to get married to Elyse on New Year's Eve, but may call off the wedding if Elyse doesn't pass his Colts quiz which he will hold two days before the scheduled wedding. It's the last week of 1959. Early twenty-something Baltimoreans Eddie, Shrevie, Boogie, Billy, Fenwick and Modell have been friends since they were kids, where the center of their lives has been and still is the Fells Point Diner

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Users reviews

Barry P (mx)

not bad, for a cheap make, oz films generaly muck, getting better

David B (de)

The director manages some interesting cinematic flourishes. However the emphasis of this film along with other Hammer films of the early 70s is mostly sex, big breasted women and dreadfully blurred peripheral characters. what a beauty she was. . . Worth seeing for Pitt's performance. Countess Bathory, an aging crone, stumbles on a beauty elixir via the blood of young virgin women from the village. An interesting tale of ugliness and beauty

Dylan G (mx)

Although it's more of a romantic drama than a comedy, it's still decent in it's own right! B

Jason K (de)

Holy shit was this lame and heavy handed with unbelievably bad writing and directing

Jeff B (kr)

It gets points for comedy and for being a forerunner to the many blaxploitation films to follow, but otherwise it's just silly

Jonathan M (jp)

There are more than a few interesting shots, but it just never seemed to me that the content of the story was all that interrelated with the form in which it was being presented. The idea of the film as a puppet-show is conceptually interesting, but the histrionics get to be a bit much

Kay O (br)

. . . . . now i know i will never be able to play go. . . . . . it is sparse. . . . . . . . . Austere is still an overstatement

Keenan S (de)

This is by far one of the most underrated films of all time. This film deserves much better response than it has received because it deserves to be acknowledged as a classic. What's not to love about a film that has such an interesting storyline involving romance, back-stabbing, revenge, friendship, redemption, knights battling each other, awesome fight scenes, and so much more? I enjoyed this film more than most modern adventure films and most other films about knights in general. The mere fact that this film somehow has a 49% approval from the users is a crime because this film is fucking awesome. Knights Of The Round Table is a brutally underrated film