Dinner at Eight

Dinner at Eight

Social climbing Millicent and Oliver Jordan throw a dinner for a bunch of New York society types, each of whom has much to reveal.

Affluent Millicent and Oliver Jordan throw a dinner for a handful of wealthy and/or well-born acquaintances, each of whom has much to reveal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh C (gb) wrote: The Best of the series in my opinion! The Ducks are older and have a new challenge in the junior goodwill games! Iceland v Ducks is great!

Brad S (ru) wrote: I quite enjoyed this comedy from 1969 starring Gene Wilder and Donald Sutherland. The film is in the style of an old Me Brooks comedy, so if you like his stuff, you should like this. I found both Wilder and Sutherland quite funny. Orson Welles has a cameo as the Narrator at the beginning of the film. Worth a watch!

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Hunter H (es) wrote: The part where that one guy goes, "What happened to yo furniture, cuz?" before it falls on him just gets me every time I see it in one of the commercials...! I was sure it would end up being even FUNNIER in the MOVIE...!!!!! AND IT WAS...!!!! MUCH, MUCH better than my experience with Red Dawn BY FAR...!!!!! THIS experience WAS AWESOME...!!!!!!

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Andrew H (ag) wrote: So, I originally didn't want to see this at all. Like most people who might read this, I thought it looked too bright and colorful and the first trailer or two didn't do much for me. The final trailer though sold me, as well as constant coaxing and promises from my brother that the movie was going to be amazing. So, I saw it and actually loved it. The only downside was the comic relief provided by the kid brother and pet monkey, but I guess it's true to the TV show, so I can't complain a whole lot. And, as my brother and I were talking the other day, we realized the more time goes by since seeing it, the more we think about all the awesome graphics and other cool parts and the less the brother and monkey bother us. Granted, I'd still prefer the movie without them, but the coolness factor outweighs it. Visually jaw-dropping the whole time. And Racer X was the MAN!

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