Dinner for Two

Dinner for Two

A sequel to Cannibal Doctor. Misty Mundae plays her own sister who is tenderized, tickled, massaged, oiled and cooked for the dining pleasure of the mad doctor and his wife.

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Dinner for Two torrent reviews

Caleb C (ru) wrote: pretty funny in some parts but not that great or good really.

Nicole G (mx) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie.....most of it warmed my heart.....such a nice story, some funny and sad moments also, well well worth the watch!

Dann M (kr) wrote: Worthy of every bit of its infamous reputation, Gigli is an amazingly bad rom-com. Ben Affleck gives a terrible performance, as does Jennifer Lopez. And it's only made worse by the cameos of Christopher Walken and Al Pacino (who show-up everyone who dares to share the screen with them). But part of the problem can be attributed to the writing, as the dialog is horrendous. The tone of the film is also an issue, as there's a lot of disparate elements that don't quite fit together. While Gigli has a few things going for it, is ends up being a disastrous mess.

Galadriel T (ru) wrote: I love this movie!!! It's totally awesome!

Stacie (es) wrote: Beautiful photography? Check. Non-linear plot line and weird storytelling techniques (talking to the audience, language mixing)? Check. Haunting soundtrack? Check. Black humor? Definite check. Some of the most bizarre erotic scenes ever filmed outside of porn? Oh yeah, it's a mix of utter revulsion and sensuous, wayward eroticism.Certain morsels of cinema that are classified as seriously weird by most run the risk of being weird for weirdness' sake; I'm happy to say that this is not one of them. Everything adheres to the film's internal logic, which would be my biggest criticism of movies that are considered 'out there'. Goes without saying this is not for the faint-hearted. A serious, deranged noir poem, one I will relish springing upon friends without any forewarning.

Edgar C (us) wrote: The circling theory among viewers deals with Pasolini's "unconceivable" attempt to merge Christianity and Marxism in a single feature-film. Yet, the result is magnificent, provoking, seductive, and in love with visual language and ambiguous imagery, highlighting scandal in the eyes of any given society. Brilliantly made. Who needs words when the images speak for themselves? 99/100

Kenneth B (kr) wrote: I am still unsure of my views on this one. It is slow, brooding, quite enigmatic and probably one which will demand another viewing.

Noreen R (gb) wrote: Morgan Freeman was the big draw. Kept watching hoping it would get better.

Konrad A (ca) wrote: Johnny Depp played ok in this movie I thought there where somethings funny in this movie and I like how Johnny Depp plays a lizard now that I think is funny family can enjoy this

Adam H (us) wrote: Great movie, one of the best kid movies ever made. This movie began Pixar's success and is still entertaining children today. I love this movie. Fantastic, nothing negative to say about it.

Catherine R (es) wrote: John Hurt must be given two things: an Oscar and a Knighthood.