Dino Time

Dino Time

When a daredevil kid named Ernie, his sister Julia, and his best friend Max are horsing around in Max's inventor father's workshop, they accidentally trip a time-machine into operation and find themselves transported back in time 65 million years, where they meet a T-Rex named Tyra and her rambunctious dinosaur son Dodger. The unlikely group find themselves on an amazing adventure exploring the lush prehistoric jungle, despite Tyra's evil dinosaur rivals conspiring against them - while, back in the present day, Max's dad and Ernie and Julia's overprotective mom plot their rescue.

The film tells a interesting story about three kids have a chance to come back in prehistoric time by a time machine. They come in the dinosaur world and adventure to find the way to escape. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew S (jp) wrote: A very dark comedic satire that is uniquely British.

Sutthirak P (us) wrote: Bai Fern (Pimchanok) was excellent along with Mario. This love story was so enjoyable.

Juanny K (gb) wrote: I love Luke Wilson, for some reason he is my favorite actor, so I came into this movie invested. Ok I know he's a B actor at best, but he always seems charming and can carry a movie by himself if needed (Henry Poole is Here). I see the argument that this film doesn't go anywhere, but I like it. It is entertaining. I laughed, I smiled, and I was genuinely interested in what was going to happen next. David Koechner is funny as always, and acts as a nice antagonist-yet-friend to Luke Wilson's Charlie Thurber. If you have an hour and a half, you could do much worse than spend it on watching this movie. If you love Luke Wilson like I do, it's a 4 star movie.

Hashim Ali C (br) wrote: a very beautiful and visual movie. Mahreen jabbar makes you feel like you are right there in between the thar tribe.A great addition to the Pakistani film industry!

Angelo Dean B (mx) wrote: This is a new movie for me. Can't describe it, but this kind of movie is not for me. 2.5!

Tim S (ca) wrote: In 1988 an extraordinary, but troubled 16-year-old boy named Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal) is lured away from his house by Frank, a strange figure in a bunny suit that only Donnie can see. As a result, he survives a freak accident that should have killed him. He is told by Frank that the world will end in 28 days and this film follows Donnie as he tries to make sense of this knowledge. Will Donnie try to save the world or just let it end?This is a quirky, bittersweet, gem of a film that requires you to actually think a bit for it all to make sense.

Shawn S (us) wrote: This is a decent slasher and mystery with a pretty good cast.

Michael S (us) wrote: Classic case of an average film completely going off the rails at the end. The first two-thirds are decent enough. Halle Berry's asylum psychiatrist wakes up as a patient accused of slaughtering her husband. Then it turns into an eye-rolling ghost story. You can see the final act twist coming from a mile away.