An orphaned dinosaur raised by lemurs joins an arduous trek to a sancturary after a meteorite shower destroys his family home.

The movie follows an arduous trek to a sancturary of an orphaned three-ton Iguanodon named Aladar, after a meteorite shower destroys his family home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicholas M (es) wrote: good but very very slow

Eui Young K (ag) wrote: Aushnmhdcgcdghcdyugcghcjghfhfcdxhvczjjcvhizcxugiybxdfgubyiidgujdgrdxygdedeckiugfdiihudsfegiudktfbrihytbdf rubgyudugyefgdhdyugffeguhxghjkffshcczueycyughcrjghjxfujhgjhvrdfxzgdjhgjcrhgxiuhfhiuejhkdfhkjruhkddgdijhejkhghjkgdfyjkhfdgjhketjkhghuiiuhiuhchuigfhuidihukhjcfgkjhkjhkbkjrvckbjvgygjhfhgjtjfjjcjfjtgrhkkhgiofvihigfdhijfgrohjggfcjjiudvvoihojifuvjijiogvrjiogyvjklgvljkgfvljvrtjkvfrkljgrujlvyvljvgyjilgfhhfjklgyjgvfkjfdbfkljkjlgvgbfejivgyjlktjlktgrejklvtljktvjklvdfjklgvdnklrvljvfdjklkjlfvfjklgfvifvgojifgvojkfjkogfvojgfgjokggkljfyjlkggjkoggdyjtgrljkjlktfbjktfbjkgbygbfljkggbkgbjkykjlfhljkftbkjkljgblkjgfbkgobfgjlkoigbfoijgfbioijoygz kuhpdjhijhuilhsuhjifschjdvueryugfersugyoggryguodfryeugyugfreguyreuuhrfhehugrthuegruieohiureuhyhuitytyuigkhkddijchejvffioygt

Christopher H (es) wrote: Great film set in Laos, covering uxo, economic and social perspective on a general but interesting way. Decent narrative arc and a suitable ending.

Michael S (nl) wrote: Highly highly highly recommended. Anyone with a passing interest in technology, business or listening to the reflections of a 40 yr old Jobs should add this previously lost interview to their Netflix wish list.

Steven F (jp) wrote: This is an interesting film that has a story that takes you into turns you would not expect. I love to see films about how other people live, especially in different countries. From what they wear, eat and how they live. The bottom line is we are all the same when it comes to the human feelings we experience.

Louis G (kr) wrote: Just a horrible movie. I could not believe that De Niro was in it. It seemed like a very bad B movie if that is at all possible?

Elvira C (it) wrote: A nice twist to the story line

Jason E (ag) wrote: The direct-to-video Disney sequels have always been sub-par at best, but man did they go out with a bang. This movie does something that Disney never does: it goes back, and does another take on a story they've already adapted. And personally, I kind of prefer this one over the original. Cinderella has to take action in this one, where in the original, her happy ending was just given to her by Deus Ex Godmother. The mice, who hogged the spotlight in the original, aren't nearly as obnoxious. The blank-slate prince is now a fully fleshed-out character. However, that's not to say the film is perfect. Far from it. It is a direct-to-video Disney sequel, after all. The plot point about the hand-touch thing doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The climax was beyond underwhelming. And of course, there's plenty of unneeded slapstick to hold the kids' attention. But, for every negative this movie provides, there is a positive. It all balances out. If you can get over it retconning the first movie's ending, you might just find something worth your time.

Robert B (ru) wrote: Wow! Don't watch this one when you're hungary for food or love!

Bill B (jp) wrote: A fun little action film, very over the top, it takes place in a very cartoony world and may actually be a tad long for some tastes, but the girls are rather cute and the action is fast paced, which is the point, after all.Definitely worth a rental or a cable watch.

Bill J (de) wrote: I loved this movie. Scifi, corporate espionage, good acting. Looks like critics never saw it or acknowledged it. not for everyone I guess

Jake M (it) wrote: I still cannot believe the same director directed Spinal Tap.

Movie K (kr) wrote: One of the best from Alfred Hitchcock. Enjoyable suspense and great casts. Ray Milland is ex-tennis pro who married wealthy Grace Kelly. She have an affair with Robert Cummings but she ended it. After a year he return, Grace said she burnt all their letters except one which was stolen by a guy who blackmail her for $50. She paid but it wasn't returned. She also can't divorce Ray as she don't want to hurt him. Ray knew their affair all along and was the one who stole the letter and pretend blackmailer. He plot the murder of her for money. Ray find a former classmate Anthony Dawson who is now a petty criminal for the job. Anthony has many secrets Ray got hold of and he has to obey. Ray make use of the return of Robert to plan the murder. On the night the 2 men goes out, Ray took her key and put it outside the stairs carpet for Anthony to open the door. Ray call back home after 11pm just when Anthony is about to leave because the phone didn't ring before that as planned. Grace answer the phone for Anthony to strangle her from behind. She put up a fight and accidentally kill him with a scissors. Ray think of plan B now to frame the murder of Anthony onto Grace. Make it look like she kill the blackmailer. Ray plant the stolen love letter on Anthony and burns the murder weapon (a scarf) to replace with her stocking. And put back the key into Grace handbag. John Williams is the inspector investigating. He begin to believe the evidence and Grace stands trial, guilty of murder. Ray sure didn't expected that the key in Anthony pocket is his own apartment. The $1000 bounty he spend on things is notice by the police. A day before execution, Robert talk to Ray and hope he can save her by changing the story, make it he planted the stuffs and all. John question Ray again on the money he spending. Robert is hiding in the room and came across the suitcase of money. Ray lied that it is the money Grace want to pay to Anthony but change her mind. John use the key in Grace handbag to try open the door but it can't. He found the real key under the carpet. In the last resort, John took Ray's coat instead and left. He return after Ray left and ask for release of Grace back to the apartment. Grace try to open the door but cannot so John clear her of suspicion.Ray returning but can't open the door since the key is not his. He find the key under the carpet and open the door. Everyone is inside. He knew his game is up. Grace is devastated.

Kevin S (ca) wrote: .This is a very good entertaining movie about when the Declaration Of Independence was signed at Independence Hall in Philadelphia and is filled with marvoluous songs in the musical 1776. Being based on the broadway production it is filled with all of the many great historical figures such as John Adams,Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the Continental Congress. It shows us how Thomas Jefferson was chosen to be the one to write it. This is a wonderfull movie about a great life changing historical event. For being a huge history fan I found this movie to be entertaining and at the same time a great learning experience.

Marah R (jp) wrote: Definitely not the best of Tina Fey's work. The movie is caught between the line of drama and comedy and it fails at both.

Elias H (it) wrote: Its weird, I didn't expect to like this film period. Then the second act began to warm me over, and the third act made me smile. Its cheesy, then has moments I didn't expect, so I have to give it props for that.