Direct Action

Direct Action

Frank Gannon, a veteran cop, is being hunted by his fellow police officers after they learned he has betrayed the brotherhood and exposed to the feds wide scale corruption of the LAPD. He has one day left to prove his case and survive.

Frank Gannon, a veteran cop, is being hunted by his fellow police officers after they learned he has betrayed the brotherhood and exposed to the feds wide scale corruption of the LAPD. He has one day left to prove his case and survive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roxanne D (ru) wrote: About Cherry looked like it tried to present an intimate portrait of a girl with its melancholic soundtrack and thoughtful close-ups, but it ended up resembling a parody of itself instead. On the basis of theme, it was kind of more interesting. Basically, it eliminated men from the picture entirely, which seems to suggest that men are either exploitative or judgmental, and that Cherry, our heroine in question, couldn't find solace with them, so turns to a woman instead. To be fair-ish, the film isn't suggesting that all women are supportive or supportive by default of their gender, so it has that going for it ? But it's certainly not kind to men. In all, this isn't really a movie about female sexuality, and the countless obstacles that prevent its integration into society, and it's certainly not a feminist film. It was more practical than anything else, like if someone doesn't approve of you, find someone who will. With that said, it falls short of making any kind of meaningful point.

Stacey B (nl) wrote: Much funnier than I thought it would be. Only wish it didn't end so abruptly.

Marshall H (fr) wrote: Unexpectedly - an exciting ride with Motorway. The movie runs as smooth as silk and the plot is more than simple - yet the chasing scenes, Anthony Wong's performance, and the subtle message behind for the youth in Hong Kong nowadays are all blended nicely together. Have watched it twice and wont mind the third time. (Disclaimer: the starting chasing scene was filmed in the same motorway that I used almost everyday)

Jack W (ca) wrote: It contains brutal and shocking imagery that will be too much for some, but overall Harry Brown is an satisfying, gripping and thrilling vigilante movie with a very great performance from Michael Caine.

Kelly B (kr) wrote: Corddry is the man with great one liners. Lost interest fast when he died

Marko S (au) wrote: in a cross-genre mishmash, this movie gives us a picture of communist russia that was not so compact and "morally superior" to the western world. social context is what makes this movie different from other, mainly western european horrors located in god-forsaken villages. this context is soviet union where everyone doubts communism, soviet union in their own vision of the vietnam war (afgan war), soviet union with corrupt provincial cop that can abuse a girl without being punished... alexey balabanov is one of the few filmmakers that can start a renaissence of the russian and eastern european movies.

Juan P (kr) wrote: If the Tomatometer had 6 stars only for one movie, I would use it for this one.Filled with entertainment, an amazing performance by Brad Pit and arguably one of the best villains a movie has ever had; Inglorious Basterds must be the ultimate absurd alternative history movie.

Leandro D (ca) wrote: Nice book adaptation. A very realistic and crude look at the brazilian prision system.

Sylvester K (ru) wrote: Seriously!!! One of the most frightening slashers ever, I loved the unique storytelling and the brilliant camera shots. The film taken place in a movie theatre playing a story about a serial killer who carves out people's eyes, and at the same time a real serial killer is on the loose. The realistic setting gave me lots of chill. A must watch.

Jake A (kr) wrote: The second directorial and starring effort from Clint Eastwood is a Western but not quite like the films upon which he made his name in as it has a supernatural and eerie tone to it that is relatively ambiguous which I can see putting people off but since most Westerns are cut and dry it was a nice change of pace. It also has gorgeous locations and cinematography, gritty realistic action and violence, a brilliant score, solid script with a twisting plot that leaves unanswered questions and it has a decent supporting cast. So if you are after a Western that on the surface may seem familiar but with a bit of effort has more underneath then this is for you.

Zebulon R (es) wrote: Tom Laughlin is a strange man.

Reed R (us) wrote: Natalie me, she's the definition of beauty and my favorite movie star EVER. Sigh...

Warren S (nl) wrote: I can't help but like this film, with its 1950's B-movie silliness and its Ray Harryhausen animated charm.

The Movie W (us) wrote: 'Gut' starts off interestingly as a bored husband becomes obsessed with a series of DVDs featuring killings which may or may not be real. Unfortunately the film is incredibly amateurish, featuring some of the worst acting I've seen all year. The cheap digital aesthetic makes it hard to watch, particularly when combined with such poor lighting and framing. Director Elias seems intent on copying the glacial style of Cronenberg and Haneke but needs to learn a lot about the basics of film-making first.