Direct Hit

Direct Hit

When John Hatch's last assignment proves to be a pawn in a much bigger game, Hatch tries to redeem his life by protecting hers....putting himself in the line of fire.

Veteran hit-man Hatch wants to retire, but they have one, final, important job for him. Even though he's cold-blooded, he realizes he feels compassion for Savannah and tries to figure out a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Direct Hit torrent reviews

Jane T (ru) wrote: It has its good moments but it tries too hard and ultimately fails. Too contrived and derivative. Some good acting but the script is well below par.

Supes S (au) wrote: Insane movie. It's so intense. Ryan Reynolds' performance made this movie 10x better. The story is very interesting and the ending plays with your emotional. A very well done movie with such a small budget. Very creative and talented.

Aysha R (kr) wrote: Hilariously sweet, amazingly acted piece of work!

Isadore H (gb) wrote: Selma is the story of MLK JR getting voting more available for African Americans during the civil rights movement. I'm going to come forward with my biggest issue with the film right away. The portrayal of white people in this was very negative until the last 1/3 of the movie. Until that point, they were generalized as racist, ignorant, republicans. All of them. The movie constantly used the racist characters to talk of liberals despicably, clearly referring to themselves as conservative or republican. Now I realize that stereotype was very true in that time and place in America, but not everyone who was a white conservative acted that way, but the film constantly painted that picture. The 'good' white people came in towards the end, but I was relieved to see the white people fighting the good fight being represented. Other than that, the movie did drag for me at times a bit, but I was always interested. David Oyelowo was amazing as Dr King, his representation was incredibly spot on as his character and was the best part of the movie. The acting overall was very good, but Oyelowo definitely stole the show. There were scenes that were especially brutal to watch, and made me angry at the people who did these things to the civil rights members at the time. I enjoyed Selma, but the main fear I had about this film came true for me, and that was disappointing to see

Susan H (it) wrote: thuis was our friday night family movie night movie thought it was appropriate for halloween night with a 6 & 8 yr old me and the 17 yr old would suck it up and enjoy ...this was a pretty cute little movie

Stephen M (ru) wrote: Crappy! Corny! What a dumb story! Driftwood was poorly written, and poorly acted. I LOVED 2001 Maniacs, but Sullivan took a turn down lame street with this one.

Raya P (it) wrote: A terribly overlooked movie. Interesting screenplay and fantastic performances all around.

Jessica C (es) wrote: this and that.. falling apart.. just like bloom.

James R (it) wrote: Nice slice of the 90's right here. The film is about a group of friends fresh out of college and trying to find jobs and begin life. Nicely directed by Ben Stiller and good performances by Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder! I enjoyed the film and it's still somewhat relatable even to today's standards! Shows how no matter what even with all the crazy stuff going on love can be right in front of you the whole time! I recommend giving it a look!

Adam R (br) wrote: (First and only viewing - 9/15/2008)

John B (fr) wrote: worth it for alain delon and the performances generally.

Scott J (br) wrote: Jeff Bridges is the best thing about it.

Lucas G (us) wrote: It feels like there are two films in one, the first of them being interesting when the second one is just not funny or bright.

Roland P (ca) wrote: Really enjoyed movie. 5 scenes in different part of the world. All cab drivers

Geoffrey L (ru) wrote: When I first saw the trailer for this film in late 2013, I was really looking forward to seeing it. Now that I saw this 'direct-to-video' (a bad sign in itself) on pay per view, I'm very disappointed on many levels. The acting is about the same caliber one would find in a junior high school Christmas pagent. Why Patrick Stewart got involved with this turkey is still a mystery since his voice over as Sinbad is irrelevant and unnecessary. The stop motion animation is very poor and just seems to be stuck into the story because some guy the producers knew had some footage they could use. No sense of wonder or excitement exists anywhere in the film which, again, begs the questions as to why it was made in the first place. Since it stars the films so-called writer & director in all three roles suggests that it is a vanity project along the likes of what we saw years ago with Pauley Shore. Some have written that it is campy. No, it just stupid and a waste of time.

Cathleen51aolcom C (nl) wrote: Patrick Swayze is the best

Kassy S (jp) wrote: i might give this movie a chance. no idea what it's about but i've kinda heard about it and it can't be that bad.