DIRT is a quirky comedy about two simple-hearted brothers who, when abandoned by the death of their mother, search to find a replacement Mom. Junior and Scooter find themselves ill-prepared for life on their own. To ease their suffering, they search the desert dregs of West Texas for a woman to take Mom's place. Due to their social disability, they are forced to kidnap a woman from a Piggly Wiggly supermarket. They soon realize that they have gotten more than they bargained for when their "victim," Dede, turns out to be the maltreated wife of an abusive Texas Ranger. She quickly turns her misfortune into theirs, convincing the brothers to steal her baby away from her sadistic husband. Life gets even more complicated for these simple-hearted boys when the vengeful Ranger tracks them down bent on keeping them from living happily ever after.

When the mother of Junior and his younger brother Scooter, twenty-something, dies, they realize they need a woman around the house, since they haven't a clue how to cook or keep house. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hunter B (nl) wrote: I really hate to say it, but I somewhat enjoyed Max Payne. It spits on the famous video game franchise, but as a movie it is just you standard action flick. Max Payne is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Kurt A (br) wrote: It's kinda funny. Nothing special.

Diogo S (jp) wrote: bvio que no chega para manchar a reputao de Robert de Niro, mas difcil de entender o que leva actores da sua categoria a participarem em filmes to indecentes e imaturos como este...

Erik G (gb) wrote: Simply Irresistible is just too resistible to me. I had no idea why I saw an unfunny romantic comedy about possessing magical powers while working at a restaurant. :(

Irma v (ag) wrote: how canni see this movie

Ben L (jp) wrote: Romancing the Stone has the problem of feeling very derivative to me. Every step of the way I felt as if I'd seen all of it before, and I knew exactly where the story would go next. In some ways that kind of familiarity can be nice because it feels somewhat nostalgic, but it also sucks a lot of tension out of the film because I know how it will end up. Sure enough, aside from one moment that took me by surprise, the film was formulaic. However, I give it the benefit of the doubt because it might have been one of the first films to tell this kind of story, and I just missed it back in the day. The cast of the movie is great, particularly Michael Douglas as an Indiana Jones type. He is perfectly suited to play this cocky, but lovable adventurer. One of the big highlights for me were the few scenes with character-actor Alfonso Arau, because he always steals scenes and adds a great deal of laughs. The story is a fun romp through the jungle and includes all the good moments you want in a treasure hunting film. Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner had some chemistry with one another, so the romance was convincing. My one struggle with the story (aside from predictability) was trying to understand who all the bad guys were, and why they all knew about the map/treasure. I think a little more time spent establishing the villains would have been useful. Overall, I enjoyed Romancing the Stone. It was definitely not one of the greatest action-adventure-romance-comedies I've ever seen, but it is worth watching for sure.

Al H (nl) wrote: A classic funny film of the 80's.

Ja S (it) wrote: znam ljude koji bas vole ovaj film.

Kristy P (es) wrote: Very sad movie...and I have no idea why they put the movie cover in color when the movie is black-and-white...that makes no sense.

James C (es) wrote: Friends with very different points of view on finding a man, interest tailed off towards the end with the police involvement and manipulating of the old man, may have better been served taking this in a alternate direction midway

Coltin T (es) wrote: This movie was well made, though it was entirely void of a plot. If you want to see how modern men recall the lifestyle of aristocrats this film is for you. In summary, this film is over 2 hours of small talk set in the 1930's.

Jeff H (jp) wrote: Dreadful from start to finish. I'm wiling to suspend disbelief during a movie, but you have to suspend all thought completely to watch this drek.