Dirt! The Movie

Dirt! The Movie

A look at man's relationship with Dirt. Dirt has given us food, shelter, fuel, medicine, ceramics, flowers, cosmetics and color --everything needed for our survival. For most of the last ten thousand years we humans understood our intimate bond with dirt and the rest of nature. We took care of the soils that took care of us. But, over time, we lost that connection. We turned dirt into something "dirty." In doing so, we transform the skin of the earth into a hellish and dangerous landscape for all life on earth. A millennial shift in consciousness about the environment offers a beacon of hope - and practical solutions.

The only remedy for disconnecting people from the natural world is connecting them to it again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob R (mx) wrote: Fans of large crowds cheering for Michael Moore will get a lot out of this film. Loads and loads of time was taken up with this, and people wanting to hug Michael Moore, and people wanting to thank Michael Moore and Michael Moore thanking people who wanted to thank Michael Moore. Fucking hell.There were some good bits though - Eddie Vedder showing up and doing a Cat Stevens impression was fun, Joan Baez singing Finlandia (pretty quickly) and the little spoof ads MM did for Bush. But other than that it's Michael Moore bein applauded and ranting. I agree with his cause but, yeah, I didn't really need to watch this film.

William A (br) wrote: Dreamgirls is surprisingly interesting and fun, even if you have no interest in the subject.

Cecilia M (nl) wrote: Impressive cinematography.

Guido S (es) wrote: Two women accident kill one of their boyfriend. They try to cover it cop with the cops by making it look like a kidnap and also try to scam the cops into getting a large amount of money for the swap. This could have been good, but it has been done before and done much better. Typical crime comedy. Probably the most remarkable thing was the dog, he was the only one I really was interested in. iain Glen is in it as a junkie boyfriend, but he doesn't play too much of a role. Weisz looks weird as a blonde.

Ryan D (mx) wrote: Pretty good movie shown over and over from several perspectives.

David E (us) wrote: I love baseball & I've seen several great films that feature the sport as a huge part of the plot ("The Sandlot", "Rookie of the Year","The Bad News Bears" (both original & remake), & "Angels in the Outfield"). Nominated for 3 Oscars including Best Picture (didn't win any), "Field of Dreams" truly is one of the best films of the 1980s & the sports genre - the acting was great, the music was quite beautiful, & the story would probably be the epitome of heartwarming since it gives people the chance to achieve their hopes & dreams (in this case, baseball: America's favorite pastime & my all time favorite sport)! I'm gonna make it my mission - my dream - to visit the Field of Dreams baseball field since this film touched me & always makes me yearn to play baseball.

Donald W (ru) wrote: This is an attempt to tell the Biblical story of King David. They do a good job of showing the culture of the ancient Israelites but Hollywood seems to think they can be as fast and lose with Bible stories as they are with any other book. This movie isn't as bad as some of the movies made in the 1950's based on Bible stories but they did make a few changes. In the Bible it is told that David committed fornication with Bathsheba but in the movie it's covered up. Then they throw in a couple of nude scenes and should have had an R rating. It got a PG-13. The battle scenes are OK. I'm not sure they got the bronze age weapons correct. King David brought the secret of iron from the Philistines to the Israelites. This isn't shown in the movie but it is in the Bible. I've got this movie on Laserdisc. After watching this movie read the Old Testament. David is one of the major characters of the Bible. Everyone should read and know the story of David.

Charles P (fr) wrote: You will not just recognize this film as a remake of John Carpenter's 1976 action classic; this unnecessary retread borrows from all over the place.

Markku R (mx) wrote: Important and timeless topic, but as a movie - not very memorable.

Kevin S (es) wrote: Amazingly eerie and frighteningly alive despite the limitations of this silent era of filming. I am a lover of all things horror, and this movie fit the bill very well. The creepiness of Nosferatu still works even in 2014, where there is a high standard for horror.

Summer M (ca) wrote: Paul Telfer= fine, fine, fine!

Fong K (de) wrote: The adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's novel intrigues and holds spellbound with the leading men's seductive duende, devious machinations and an exotically picturesque locale.