Dirty Little Billy

Dirty Little Billy

Clearly influenced by the darker, more sinister style of spaghetti westerns, Dirty Little Billy offers a unique insight into the beginnings of the notorious outlaw Billy The Kid.

A more based in reality unsensationalistic portrayal of the gritty early years of one of the most famous Wild West outlaws in history. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dirty Little Billy torrent reviews

Katie L (es) wrote: good but needed more, loved the cast and idea

matt b (ca) wrote: cheesy but tolerable

David M (ru) wrote: It was good for one view. I loved Joe Pesci in this movie. The rest of the characters are pretty dumb. You'll know whether you want to watch this within the first few minutes.

Sayer F (ag) wrote: It keeps some of the depth of the play, and both Tennant and Stewart are great. However, some acting isn't that great and the editing was pretty poor. Shots from surveillance cameras seem random and out of place, but it's nothing atrocious. Overall, an enjoyable movie, but falls short of some other adaptions.

Blake B (au) wrote: Anderson's debut film is a superb mix of humor and heart. With great performances from the Wilson brothers, Luke and Owen.

Tim C (de) wrote: I got this today from Netflix and revisited it for the first time since it was first released back in 1990. It is a terrific, unusual, noirish, romantic thriller. Jason Patric is most compelling as an ex boxer with mental problems who gets tangled into a kidnapping plot with a sexy Rachel Ward and a shifty Bruce Dern. They try to use Patric's outwardly damaged boxer as a fall guy, but terribly underestimate him as he begins to take control of the whole sorted affair. If you haven't seen it, I say rent it!

Brian S (gb) wrote: It'll never make the list of the best horror movies ever made, but it's a fun little guilty pleasure. There's plentiful gore and the acting is okay, but the two guys who really own this movie are Bruce Campbell, who previously brought us the great "Evil Dead" franchise, and Tom atkins, who is excellent is his role and has brought us many other cult horror classics. The score of the movie is eerie too. It's an underrated little horror flick that deserved more attention. Recommended !!

Miguel R (mx) wrote: One of Clint Eastwood's first directorial efforts, High Plains Drifter results is a disappointing western lacking that special western touch

Adam S (de) wrote: Ahahahahahaha people dressed like giant starfish! They wiggle to use their powers! YES! Thank the gods I only payed a quarter for this huh?