Dirty Little Trick

Dirty Little Trick

After picking up a beautiful young hitch-hiker, Michael Anderson finds himself living in his worst possible nightmare.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:bank,   arizona,   desert,  

Sarah "the dirty little bitch" pulls a dirty little trick on Danny, using Peter, while attempting to pin it on Michael. But it all falls apart when Michael realizes he's been set up. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffrey R (au) wrote: "This has more twists and turns than chubby checker in a blender"The best movies of the spoof genre tend to walk a very fine line, and this parody of "The Fugitive" was acrobatic in doing so with some great gags and one-liners. Leslie Nielson always pulled off the stupid-dumb-ass persona quite nicely. Add his off-the-cuff delivery and you're bound to spend 90 minutes laughing.Richard Crenna was also a fantastic casting choice.

Nick R (fr) wrote: My favourite of the TNG movies. It is a wonderful story, well paced and with some gut wrenching scenes.

Danny B (kr) wrote: Spike Lee's message is heard loud and clear by the end of the film when Laurence Fishburne's Dap encourages his fellow classmen, and Lee's audience, to "Wake up!" The message therein is important, as are the rest of Lee's sentiments regarding race relations, even within the black community, but it's Lee's storytelling that somewhat taints the rest of the film. The musical numbers seem overdrawn and ineffective, while the actual content does help the story. For Lee's second effort the film is still noteworthy, but Lee just needed to learn to tighten up his script.

Marco F (it) wrote: POLICE ACADEMY is not a movie. It is a suicide mission. It is pitifully, bafflingly bad. I have never seen a film that tears itself to shreds like this one does. I mean- why? Why does it do that? Because it's so lazy, so lacking in any effort to try to make it a good movie. It's also a seriously bad mix of 2 types of comedy that simply does not work. This is one hell of a baffling film. It's such a dismal failure, I honestly believe the filmmakers set out to make this the worst comedy ever made. They have just about succeeded here. Of all the jokes- some 100 or so- I laughed maybe twice or three times. The movie is a comedy based in the vain of AIRPLANE and ANIMAL HOUSE that satirizes people training in a law enforcement academy. The filmmakers have failed appallingly to bring any laughs, insight or originality into what is a pretty good idea that could have been made into a good movie. There are pointless scenes strewn throughout this movie. For some reason, random jokes, human interaction or story developments are brought up, and then instantly abandoned. (I don't want to go into detail. Watching this movie was painful enough) Every single character in this film is a complete moron. I couldn't believe for a second that these people had any idea about what was going on in reality or would be effective at being police officers.How could Hollywood possibly release this film? With a script as bad as this film has, someone has to be held accountable. Even the technicalities are shockingly bad. The direction is abysmal- there are scenes so awkward and so inept that I honestly expected someone to yell "cut!" because there was just no way I could follow what was going on and what the objective of any of these scenes were. And the acting- these "actors" do not deserve a career in anything even remotely related to performance arts. This film (and the 6 sequels that follow) is a shit stain on the genre of comedy as we all know it.

Andrea T (au) wrote: great movie of how it was in the 80's

Ronald V (br) wrote: Barbara Stiesand so good and funny :)) must see!

The S (es) wrote: Zero horror but plenty of fake blood, soft porn and even lesbianism. It's quite fun but definitely one of Hammer Films' more camp late offerings.

CJ C (kr) wrote: One of the lesser known A&B's, but still has some funny bits. More slapstick then usual, love the suicide/seal scene.

Filippo S (de) wrote: I don't understand why people are throwing shade at this movie. Contrary to what a number of other posh reviewer types have written about this movie, it's the best kind of SF; the kind where (relatively) hard science is used in service of telling a good, well thought out story. In this case, it's just the story of a boy who suffers a lot and has the stones to change his own reality. Quite literally so. It's not too long, it's consistent, and all the players are very good. The twist at the end makes perfect sense even though it's quite unexpected.And, personally, I think that Haley Joel Osment is a better actor now than he was when he got suddenly famous all those years ago.

Tommy H (au) wrote: This isn't my kind of film. If a movie is going to be dark and depressing there has to be a reason for it or a message. The film is dark and depressing and has a jerky kind of pacing so I was left feeling uninspired and just kind of numb to the whole experience. The movie is very cold. But this isn't my criticism of the guys life. The fact that he really went through all this is remarkable, but I'm not the type of movie watcher who gets excited when he here's "true story." The film got so boring for me at times I stopped paying attention and found myself wondering how Steve McQueen got from one setting to the next. With all of my complaining aside, I can still see why this film gets a high score. Every character was memorable and expertly acted. The solitary confinement scenes were effective. The movie does a good job of making you feel lonely and anxious for escape. It was very realistic, but realism doesn't always make for a good movie. And you know with a true story it's going to be a long movie, so if it doesn't grab your attention you'll like it even less by the time it's over. The end of the film didn't work for me because I was so depressed at that point the ending failed to uplift me. I think a very sad ending would be more fitting. I did like the beginning, though. I watched The Great Escape a while ago, so to see McQueen actually tortured by solitude was sobering and set the tone for the rest of the movie. The real man who went through all this has earned my respect, so I thank the movie for that. I'm giving it a high rating because I understand why it deserves that rating. Personally, I give it three stars. A great movie that's too sad for me.

Walker P (ca) wrote: they get better every time.