Dirty Story

Dirty Story

The director of one of Finland's largest company, United Metal, discovers the company's Chairman dead in the office. A chain of bribes unravels.

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Melissa L (fr) wrote: Different which is nice, but not great. Something was just missing. The funny parts weren't that funny and the dramatic parts didn't evoke any feelings at all. Better than nothing I guess.

Joey F (us) wrote: Not the best Takahata, but still nice. Incredibly episodic, almost bordering on sketch comedy, but it really works for what it is. This was where it really became clear that Takahata was getting bored of the 'anime' look, and as such, this movie looks completely and utterly different from every other Ghibli film. I would say definitely watch this in Japanese, because they butcher most of the jokes in the English dub.

Emma S (br) wrote: Suleiman's style is something I haven't encountered in any other contemporary films. Comparisions to Tati and Buster Keaton are accurate, but don't tell the whole truth. I saw the film at Sodankyl. I also attended the morning discussion with the director. It was extremely inspiring; for example, Suleiman has no formal education in films.

Robyn M (gb) wrote: "This creatively uneven artsy film is a hidden diamond in the rough."Lilli Taylor and Jared Harris are Fantastic In this orginal and horrifically true story, about the infamously estranged relationship of famed artist Andy Warhol and Valerie solanas.The indie film is told through exerpts of Valeries Scum Manifesto and her private journal. when you look up old News clippings about Andy's near death experiences Valerie is constantly placed as the villian.

Ken T (ru) wrote: This one was okay...Chuck was like way tame in this one"

Diana d (fr) wrote: I'm from a west country and married to an iranian, I have been living in Iran for six years and all I can say is that iranian people are very kind and good. I think this film is a bad propaganda against this country, and just one personal story does not reflect the essence of a whole nation.

mikey s (ru) wrote: I liked this one a little less then "up in smoke" but it's still good "me and my old lady. We like we like we like to get outside. But sometimes people space us out So we make like a bakery tuck and hail buns out of there"

Robert B (ru) wrote: Black Orpheus has one of the best endings in film. Overall, it has the charm, spirit, and talent that one looks for in an indie film. While I am not quite as enamored with it as some other reviewers, nonetheless I believe Black Orpheus was quite good and give it a hearty recommendation.

Matthew G (de) wrote: With W.C. Fields' dry, drawling delivery, it sometimes seems as if any sort of coherent narrative thread isn't even necessary for him to make you bust a gut, and that's a good thing, seeing as Never Give a Sucker an Even Break borders on baffling surrealism in its lack of structure. It's a string of bits, with some working and some failing. Yet, even when they fail, they are often so absurd or so clearly inconsistent with anything else before that it still ekes a giggle out of the unsuspecting viewer.It's willingness to experiment and push the boundaries of studio comedies is a breath of fresh air, gulped down between the frequent laughs it inspires.