Dirty Teacher

Dirty Teacher

When a high school senior discovers her teacher is seducing her boyfriend, events turn deadly after the teacher tries to cover it up.

A high school senior becomes the victim of an elaborate frame-up after learning that her boyfriend is sleeping with their teacher. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tristan P (gb) wrote: Visually creative but pretty much just for the sake of it without really any point. Also pretty disjointed as it goes from one tone to another without any indication.

Al M (ca) wrote: Beneath the Dark starts off interestingly: after nearly having a wreck, a couple spend the night in a seedy motel that seems to harbor dark and perhaps supernatural secrets. However, by the time the obligatory trick ending rolls around, you will realize that Beneath the Dark is a well-made horror film in which almost nothing horrific happens. And a not-so-original twist ending cannot save it.

Jack L (br) wrote: Marriages sometimes suck in Turkey too

Danielle W (us) wrote: "No Thanks, I'm not fond of punks."

Keira R (it) wrote: Pretty good, but a bit fantastical. Am I supposed to believe that ONE guy (as good as he is) can take down an entire organization? C'mon!!! Total bad ass that Liam Neeson, and anything w/ Famke Janssen is the cherry on top.

Garrett O (nl) wrote: Jumping from scene to scene, a hero that's just better than all his opponents, and machismo bleeding through every hit, it forsakes character development and goes straight for the head kicks. Its not Jaa's best work in terms of story but action is what he's is better suited for. Leaving the dirty jungles and fighting around Australian streets, the impossible moves just keep coming. I've seen fighting movies with storylines, so.I don't know why Jaa is set on skipping them. All this for an elephant?

Tara G (us) wrote: I have just seen this movie on youtube. It is eye opening because it does not just show, a teenager being in juvenile center since she is "bad". There is much more to why she is there; as well as the other individuals. Every characters is affected in some way by the others since they live with strangers who become their "family" unless they are released for "good" behavior. I like how the teacher and the guardian, had dual point of views of raising the teenagers. Also I enjoyed the way, the main character was new to the environment until later in the movie, she had learned how to fit in. Which is sad to see, really see any of the characters go through this; because all human beings could (and should) have hope but these individuals have learned from their families, there is no hope. They have learned you just do; just live because you are alive.