Dirty Weekend

Dirty Weekend

Shortly after she moves into her own flat in Brighton, Bella finds she is being spied on and generally harassed by a man living across from her. Finally driven to solving the problem with a hammer, she realises she is then ready for a crusade against other such problem males

Shortly after she moves into her own flat in Brighton, Bella finds she is being spied on and generally harassed by a man living across from her. Finally driven to solving the problem with a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kendall L (br) wrote: No i did not imagine this movie, IT REALLY EXISTS. The story is about a gay disco where thanks to a freakish foam machine accident, five patrons are killed and they haunt the basement of the mansion where the club was, much to the annoyance of the new owner, who is constantly seeing poncy spooks and trying to stop them taking naked pics of him in the shower. No, really.It's damn funny and also quite touching, as the camp troop try and help our hapless hero get his girlfriend back, whilst spending their free time dancing to Rasputin by Boney M...

Brandon W (ca) wrote: Atlas Shrugged is the first of the film series that's based on the book by Ayn Rand, and it stars Taylor Schilling and Grant Bowler in the story adaptation about gasoline going really up, and consider that railroads are the only things that matter to the world, Rearden's Railroads is trying to make a difference, but people are trying to stop that from happening. I've heard about this film series for a long time because of the very low reviews that they all have. Years later however, my history teacher brought up the name the author Ayn Rand, and we were talking a bit about the films, which at the point, I was curious to see what it's about, and so I rented all three of them. So for the first one, it's a decent start which is a surprise to me as I went in with low expectations. The acting is fine, which I'm surprised that Taylor Schilling is in this, which she put up a decent performance also, but it's really nothing special for any of the actors. The script is also fine, which I'm glad that I was actually a bit invested in this, and was never confusing since railroads were the main plot of it. For a low budgeted film, the effects are pretty good, for the most part that is. The story is interesting, but it's a bit out there however. The characters are a bit inconsistent in this like when the main character says that she doesn't get emotions, but then there are times when she does get some emotional moments. Throughout the film, it feels very underwhelming and was trying to be better, but was restrained or something. There were some plot coincidences that happened out of nowhere. Atlas Shrugged: Part I is a decent attempt that with an interesting cliffhanger, I'm curious to see the sequel to this one.

Scott D (es) wrote: forgot how much I enjoyed this film

Al M (fr) wrote: Essentially a Canadian rip-off of Halloween 2 with its hospital setting, Visiting Hours is an at-times entertaining slasher film, but it drags a bit, partly because it is too long and partly because it gets too caught up in its drama about a reporter who champions women's rights and rape victims. The film never seems to know whether it wants to be a serious film about trauma and survivors or a mindless slasher film. Performances by Michael Ironside and William Shatner bolster the film somewhat, but it is ultimately dragged down by this conflict between tones and genres. Still, if you are an 80s slasher fan, then it is a must see...

Dan D (es) wrote: Brainless... utterly and completely devoid of sense - which means the horror and suspense lacks any punch at all.

James D (mx) wrote: In every corner of the world, legend tells of this movies ineptness.

Ngata L (fr) wrote: this is the best movie ever