Dis-moi oui...

Dis-moi oui...

Handsome pediatric doctor feels unfulfilled, until his affection for a 12-year-old opens him to a romantic view of the world. When she falls ill, he must get closer to her, and a conflict ...

Handsome pediatric doctor feels unfulfilled, until his affection for a 12-year-old opens him to a romantic view of the world. When she falls ill, he must get closer to her, and a conflict ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Igor A (es) wrote: dosta soliden korejski SF sostaven od tri prikazni, od koi vtorata prikazna so robotot budist e nesto fenomenalno

Waffler T (mx) wrote: The title characters first meet on the crowded dancefloor of a Liverpool nightclub. When Victor (Morris) walks Kelly (Campbell-Hughes) home afterwards, she invites him in. The two indulge in a night of intense sex, with Kelly subjecting Victor to some minor S & M. Victor is instantly smitten and is soon meeting up with Kelly again. Each meeting results in Kelly performing increasingly violent and dangerous acts on her lover, who finally calls it a day when she carves their initials into Victor's back while he's tied up. It's not long, however, before Victor comes to realize that he too has become addicted to this extreme brand of sexual pleasure.If Kieran Evans' adaptation of Niall Griffiths' novel had taken its title a tad more literally, focusing solely on the central relationship, it would have resulted in a far superior movie. Campbell-Hughes and Morris have a genuine chemistry that, despite the arguably warped nature of their relationship, comes across as endearing and genuine. Together they form the most believable on-screen couple I've seen in some time. Their conversations are realistically awkward, as any dialogue between burgeoning lovers usually is, and we actually root for them to make things work, whether we relate to their fetishes or not.Where the movie collapses is in a couple of sub-plots; one involving a sex-worker friend of Kelly's who makes money degrading upper-class businessman, the other focusing on Victor's drug-dealing mate. These sub-plots go nowhere and merely serve to pad out the running time. The latter is particularly awkwardly handled and feels like something you'd see in a British soap opera.As well portrayed as the central relationship is, it ultimately has nowhere to go but an ending that's so predictable, it surprised me, as I had ruled it out as too obvious an option. With the excising of unnecessary details, this could be a very impressive short film but, as it is, 'Kelly + Victor' is a frustrating feature based around two highly impressive performances.

Phillip D (ca) wrote: Critics threw this one in the tank, probably in part because of how awkward it is. They also accused the film of playing it safe, which it certainly does not. The To Do List covers a wide range of sexually explicit topics in a manner that strives to be awkward to convey how awkward these first experiences really are. The topics are addressed with minimal tact and confronted head on and I really appreciated that. The all star cast keeps the movie laughter filled throughout and I really enjoyed the viewing experience, something that can't be often said for most films these days.

Sagar P (br) wrote: fantastic and good movie

Sheila M (ca) wrote: was SO random but i love it

bill s (ca) wrote: Moments but too much dead screen air.Wasted premise that showed moments of promise but little else.

MF J (es) wrote: Beautiful film! Extremely well shot, brilliantly acted by a bunch of non professional actors for the most part & incredibly poetic at times, this first feature from director Crialese is nailing it's subject from start till end, keeping you entetained & dreamy for the time it last! One awesome Film!

Courtney W (ca) wrote: Far from perfect, but beautifully acted.

Mickaw90 (kr) wrote: Not even close the naked gun movies. Some hilarious scenes, that`s it.

Simon D (au) wrote: Splendidly twisted film about a man with some very questionable ideas. Only Gaspar Noe would dare to make this film. Visually it is not as likely to mess up your head as some of his others but it's still one which will make you very uncomfortable.

Steven L (kr) wrote: Pretty good until the giant corn monster at the end. It was almost as good as the original.

Kody W (nl) wrote: I remember watching this movie when I was younger. It was pretty good back then, but it is probably really crappy now.

Mikael B (de) wrote: I had really low expecations for this one but unfortunately that did not matter this time. This movie is frankly just boring. I don't mind slow movies if they''re well made and the slow pace serves a purpose, this was not the case here. The acting is mediocre at best and most of the main characters just seem unrealistic. The sceptic father was the only character who's actions made any sense.The actual possession scenes are not scary. The girl screams, runs around and waves her arms, it looks more comical than scary actually.A few good scenes saves this movie from an even lower score.

Alexander P (au) wrote: Hilarious slapstick work from, possibly, cinema's greatest screenwriter. "I once stole a pornographic book that was printed in braille. I used to rub the dirty parts."

Mad M (jp) wrote: Storyline had potential, but... Terrible casting, gaping holes in the plot line, poor execution, and most important false advertising (the first 5 minutes had tons of boobs, but none after that).

Niclas H (es) wrote: Usel thriller som inte ens De Niro kunde rdda!