Disaster on the Coastliner

Disaster on the Coastliner

Seeking revenge, a railroad employee puts two passenger trains on a collision course in this made-for-TV disaster movie.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boy,   camera,   revenge,  

A vengeful employee of a computer-controlled railway arranges a head-on collision of passenger trains. Can it be stopped? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Disaster on the Coastliner torrent reviews

Private U (br) wrote: Excellent movie. Very moving. Very well directed.

Luciene C (mx) wrote: Surpreendentemente bom (para quem, como eu, desconfia de dramas italianos contemporneos). Ou eu (C) que estava em um bom dia para um bom drama familiar: prato cheio! :)

Dave V (ca) wrote: This movie felt like it went no where... you wanted to see the progression of the relationship between the two characters and it never felt like it took off. Then the ending was a surprise but not because it was good. without giving anything way all the sudden Anna's dad is shown or talked about for the first time in the last 10 min. of the movie.. it was just an abrupt ending to a bad movie.

Chris B (br) wrote: Loved the ending to the OVA but still enjoyed the film, although Folken killed in the way he was just didn't do it for me...

Bronson W (gb) wrote: Patch Adams is probably one of Robin Williams' best movies since Mrs. Doubtfire. In this movie, Robin Williams plays Hunter "Patch" Adams who is the compassionate medical student who learns that helping others makes him a better person and so he sets to become a doctor. His belief that treating the person as much as their disease (through compassion and humor) however, often causes him to knowingly break the school's rules and disobey his dean's orders. I can't say enough about Robin's performance in this movie.

Carlos R (de) wrote: This beautiful film lives up perfectly to its title: it's got a great heart. It shows the street's reality in an excellent way, and above all with a lot of realism. Realism is perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this film. The characters feel real, they live in a world pictured with realism and helped by a fantastic script, the movie is simply fascinating. It's simple... yes, but it's an excellently made drama, with marvelous performances, specially Jeff Bridges who gave an Oscar-worthy performance but sadly the Academy forgot about him that year, besides the very little difusion this film had and still has. The deepness and intensity in the portrayal of the father-son relationship was one of the biggest accomplishments of this movie; and that aspect was probably the best I've seen in a film. I was lucky to catch it up on a cable channel and I was delighted with the quality of this little-but-great film. If I had to point out something not-so-good about it, it'd had to be the ending's resolution, which was a bit easy; but it doesn't take merit from the rest. Edward Furlong's performance is one of a kind too, and he is definitely one of the best if not the best young actor I've ever seen... but sadly we've all seen what his career has become in the past 12 years. Very moving.

shai l (us) wrote: bad acting, bad scripts, bad everything

Daniel A (kr) wrote: Though Everett and Firth both deliver fine performances, Another Country fails to make the most of its interesting premise, and succumbs to the assumed sexual sensibilities of its audience that in turn demean the film's central relationship. It is interesting that three prominent British actors make their big-screen debuts in this movie. Cary Elwes, whose career peaked during the early nineties, is all but forgotten today despite his terrible performance in 2004's Saw, and is notable here mostly for his eye-catching good looks that have since faded with his career. Rupert Everett in the lead role does a great job in steering the film as a sensitive and self-assured non-conformist who falls in love with one of his male peers. His career has seen varied success, but since the decision to reveal his real life homosexuality, has been regularly typecast in limited roles, and subsequently spiraled into a mess of catty remarks and bad plastic surgery. While finally Colin Firth, whose career took the longest to built momentum, is now on the verge of picking up his first Oscar, and brings here one of his many fine performances. The movie follows Everett's Guy Bennett, a young man whose bad experiences at a 1930s English boarding school prompt him to become a Russian spy. Sadly the film's decision to focus entirely on Bennett's life at school, neglecting his spy years completely, is disappointing. I found little here to set this apart from the hordes of other boarding school movies out there, with a focus on familiar themes of struggling with authority, in-school politics, and repressed sexual urges. The latter being rather a large problem in this instance. Director Marek Kanievska does his best to forge a believable relationship between Bennett and his lover James Harcourt, but the distinct lack of contact between these two men is laughable. It's very difficult to believe in their infatuation when the passion between them can only be displayed through endless lingering looks or an arm around the shoulder. This pandering to the easily offended is like a stake in the heart of the movie, and prompts me to think that a proposed remake with Daniel Radcliffe in the lead role may not be a bad idea if it means justice can be done with this central romance. On a more positive note the film features impressive cinematography, with the charms of period England admirably captured behind the floppy-haired, good looking actors, creating an overwhelmingly pleasant aesthetic. Likewise, the screenplay, while clearly flawed, is at least intelligent and well-written even if it does take the story in a less satisfying direction than it could have. It sees its characters develop nicely throughout the film and poses some interesting questions about life during this time, as well as its philosophies. As such Another Country is a decent film which can be enjoyed for its strong performances and pretty visuals, but sadly less so for its underwhelming narrative.

Scott R (ag) wrote: I like it, but it is a bit predictable, which is unusual for Hitchcock.

Dominic S (de) wrote: Besides the remake of Hairspray, this is the first of the films by John Waters that I have seen and I understand why some people say what they say about John Waters.This film is filled to the brim with terrible acting (not Divine), terrible cinematography, unfitting dialogue, and creepy and filthy acts.What the hell is with Edie and her eggs. Omg.I need to watch this again, begin really high.

Courtney W (mx) wrote: What a great movie, I'd never heard of it until TCM did a Tennessee Williams tribute yesterday and I was really impressed. The script of course was excellent, Tennessee Williams never fails to please. The story was also great, a Mississippi cotton gin owner (Karl Malden) burns down his rival's (Eli Wallach) gin, so the rival, a Sicilian, decides to exact his revenge by seducing his young wife, Baby Doll (Carroll Baker). Malden and Wallace are flawless as always and Carroll Baker (an actress I'm not familiar with) was truly amazing, she plays her part to absolute perfection, never letting her character slip. It isn't the master piece that Along the Water Front was for Elia Kazan, but it's absolutely worth your time. Verdict: Add it to your Netflix queue. If you like Tennessee Williams or Elia Kazan you don't want to miss it.

Joe S (es) wrote: William and Myrna to a rare serious path

Dax S (de) wrote: It was pretty decent, but I wasn't the biggest fan.