Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York

Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York

Illegal experimentation accidentally rips open a previously unknown hidden magma reserve directly under Manhattan!

A geologist (Alexandra Paul) and an intrepid band of tunnel workers must save New York from an underground volcano after illegal experimentation accidentally rips open the previously unknown hidden magma reserve directly under Manhattan! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York torrent reviews

RODNEY G (fr) wrote: to slow, not very scary

Abbey D (mx) wrote: Very interesting -- The stories from the former performers & their relatives & friends were interesting to hear. Great collection of video, photo & audio clips.

John M (es) wrote: while amusing enough, this movie does not have a strong backbone or unique point of view to seperate it from being another generic indie comedy about releationships. was excited that it was written and directed by jeff garlan, until it hit me that this isn't remotely poignant or have anything original to say. was this really a story that jeff needed to tell?

Christy G (kr) wrote: The soundtrack is good and fits the movie..Movie is a touching love story that shows that love can transcend time and how experiences can shape and influence your life?!

(mx) wrote: Joe Pesci and Danny Glover play two family men with wife and kids, who likes to unwind whenever they can by going fishing. Well, the wives get worried because every time these two go fishing, they get into a mess of trouble, and this fishing expedition is no different. This movie takes you on a wild a crazy trip with two ordinary, everyday guys, that take fishing to another level. Who knew that you could get into so much trouble and danger by going fishing. This movie was crazy and funny. nicely did! Quite original!

Randy T (mx) wrote: If you're a student of American history this one will certainly make you cringe. Hollywood's fact altering melodrama casts Spencer Tracy as the captain of the Mayflower who, rather reluctantly, is charged with delivering pilgrims to the new world. With a shipload of recognizable faces that include Gene Tierney, Lloyd Bridges and Van Johnson you'd expect this historical epic to be a lauded piece of film history. It is not. There is enough deceit, betrayal and adultery here to rival most soap operas. Tracy's character is so one dimensional, so unlikeable, that the H.M.S. Bounty's Captain Bligh looks rather charming in comparison. Watch this if you must but don't come crying to me when the credits roll. You've been warned!

Shaun H (es) wrote: Kinda boring during some segments a few good noir aspects mostly I had a hard time staying awake during most of it

Bill Z (ag) wrote: Sean Penn's best performance in his career

Brody M (au) wrote: Awesome movie that wouldve made a great TV show