A dark twisted apocalyptic shocker about a group of humans and demons who must band together to fight for the fate of humanity. When an ancient prophecy unleashes an evil spirit, hell is brought upon the world.

A dark twisted apocalyptic shocker about a group of humans and demons who must band together to fight for the fate of humanity. When an ancient prophecy unleashes an evil spirit, hell is brought upon the world. As the evil grows stronger, alliances are formed and heroes will rise and humanity will hang in the balance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Disciples torrent reviews

Jacky L (br) wrote: exhilaratingly good! it was funny, it was taut - it was just enthralling to watch throughout. very gratifying watch; up there amongst fave top 5 korean films in this genre.

Mohammad R (au) wrote: After watching this movie i felt it was more of an American (Hollywood style) suicide story between 2 strangers kind of a film. It wasn't very Indian with your usual love story and romantic songs however proved to be entertaining and enjoyable especially " i am a disco dancer".

nickless y (ca) wrote: great documentary film by Kapadia about one of the best F1 pilot. it's so sincere. I'm not a fan of F1, but liked it very much. Kapadia did not use a formal commentary so that makes the film more sincere greatly.

Vidar T (mx) wrote: Cute story with realistic characters.

Heather M (ag) wrote: I am going to pass on this one.

Katherine R (it) wrote: Shall We Kiss (2007) may not require much deep thought but nevertheless it is has the same pleasant and quirky feel like most romantic comedies. The main characters are delightful, charming, and know how to engage their audience. What seems to be most noteworthy of all their performances is the chemistry they have with one another. The sexual tension and love between the characters is so raw and present in their expressions that the audience cannot help but feel a sense of commitment to them and their relationships. The music soundtrack is by Schubert and Tchaikovsky, and it helps add to upbeat and light flair of the film. Though the film contains charm and character you cannot help but question how realistic the story line is. The characters approach love and sex with such recklessness; you wonder why they are unable to just act their age. They may act competent and composed, but they treat adultery and betrayal with such abandonment you wonder if they have no shame. Not to mention, Shall We Kiss (2007) likes to draw out the most uncomfortable of scenes, leaving any one in their right mind squirming and praying for it to be over. This film was written and directed by Emmanuel Mouret, who also plays the films main character of Nicholas. Though he is well known for being both a director and an actor; he has received more praise and recognition as a director. Though he did not receive any rewards for this film, he has won countless others including: Best Screenplay for his film The Art of Love (2011). As a director he chooses very bland costumes and set design to focus all the attention on the dialogue, which is very apparent in Shall We Kiss (2007) with all the beige apartments and costumes. By drawing attention away from the cinematography, the audience can focus on his main ideas. Emmanuel Mouret seems to be communicating two main ideas in his film. The first idea follows a repeatedly used cliche theme for romantic comedies: a man and a women cannot be just friends if physical attraction exists between them. The main characters Judith and Nick had shared a beautiful friendship for years until the day that Nick asked her to give him the physical attention he has been lacking in his life. Though they thought they could go back to being friends, it proved to be impossible because of the physical attraction developing into love between them. This idea is exemplified in a scene where Nick pulls Judith aside at an art gallery and tells her that he is in love with her and cannot stop thinking about her since they had acted upon their physical attractions. True to cliche romantic comedy form, Judith agrees and they give into their sexual desires for one another. The second main idea is that the regret of adultery eventually catches up to you. This is exemplified by the fact that Judith does not seem to have much remorse for her adulterous actions, until she had to come clean to her husband that she was cheating on him. Afterwards, she tells Nicholas that she cannot be happy for a while unless her ex-husband is happy again. Emmanuel Mouret proves that no form of cheating is free from remorse. Though the film had its strengths and weaknesses, one aspect of this film was consistent: it always oozed French culture. Down to the composers mentioned, paintings on the wall and the way the characters dressed, there was nothing un-French about this movie. For example the women are always dressed classy and with minimal makeup. The film even ended in typical French form: leaving us with no clear answers of what happened to the characters, and leaving it up to our own imagination. For example, we wonder in the end if the last kiss scene was truly platonic or if it will develop into something more. Though Shall we Kiss (2007) may not be the most memorable of romantic comedies; it is defiantly worth seeing!

Jennifer T (au) wrote: I've seen a lot worse but this movie just wasn't that good. I really liked the plot but something went wrong-probably the acting and the writing. It really had a lot of potential. If you're a horror fan you should check it out.

Tan B (de) wrote: This movie is pure 100% trash - not worth a single minute of anybody's time. It's utter garbage. It's so childishly absurd and pathetic that it's not even worth wasting any more words over it than what I've already written. I would give it a "0", but this website apparently won't let me, so it gets a 10% by default. But it truly deserves a "0".

Michael D (de) wrote: Satisfying enough. AND Cher, The Dench and The Smith.

Khaled M (mx) wrote: A love affair with a city rather than with one another.

Stan D (nl) wrote: The story of Richard Nixon, focused on his years as President. Directed by Oliver Stone in one of his most realistic, historically accurate films, and with a tour de force performance by Anthony Hopkins as Nixon. With Joan Allen as Pat Nixon, and an all star cast playing all the President's men. Gripping, memorable, moving, and true-to-life.

Erik G (fr) wrote: One of the dumbest titles of all time. However, the movie itself is quite good. Very much like an Ulmer film, all shadows, cheapness, and doom.

Andrea H (de) wrote: One of the best silent films ever! I think Emil Jannings is a brilliant actor and I truly fell in love with Murnau when I first viewed The Last Laugh. It is a must see!

Sierra H (de) wrote: If you expect this movie to make sense, you will be sorely disappointed. As long as you don't expect that, and just value it for being a gay interpretation of Edgar Allen Poe's classic story, it's good.

Caitlin L (ca) wrote: Great movie. Loved it. Can't wait to see what they'll do with a sequel.

CJ H (fr) wrote: Unbreakable is a slowburn story that focuses on characters finding out there's more to them than meets the eye. It's fun to watch unfold, but lacks any moments that truly feel excellent.