A computer specialist is sued for sexual harassment by a former lover turned boss who initiated the act forcefully, which threatens both his career and his personal life.

Tom Sanders is a man who has a wife and one happy family. But things turned upside down when Sanders has new boss - Meredith Johnson, his former lover. And what to have to come, Sanders is hard to resist the lure of Meridith ago. Let's enjoy Disclosure to discover by yourself! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Disclosure torrent reviews

Matthew J (gb) wrote: If there wasn't for Malcolm McDowell's terrific portrayal of Satan this film would be the worst ever made. If I didn't know any better I'd say it was intentionally so. The actors are the worst you can find these days (particularly Bart Bronsen), the script is absolutely awful with hammy lines of dialogue and the directing is at the level of Tommy Wiseau. Still McDowell is worth seeing (despite it not being one of his greatest portrayals) he is the Devil.

Ryan K (gb) wrote: Starting off as a really terrible and shitty horror film to becoming a hilarious and excitingly gorey blood soaked slaughter fest that just made this film a whole lot better. It was funny, intense and just a really fun time watching with friends and people.

Jules M (nl) wrote: This movie wins on premise alone, although the production and acting hold their own as well. The story follows Russell, the estranged gay son of a Cthulhu cult leader, who returns to his home town on the coast of New England. Profound Lovecraftian creepiness ensues. A lot of the drama that occurs between the father and son could have been written without the Lovecraftian theme, but awkward family dinners film so much better when the religious mumbojumbo is about the Old Ones.Anyway, it's a quality film that's a pleasure to watch.

Sum Y (fr) wrote: I will never trust a critic's review again. This is possibly the WORST movie I have ever suffered through. Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes reviews are useless. The critics who praise it are definitely getting paid for reviews.

John M (it) wrote: pointless and stupid. This tedious movie somehow manages to make anime, video games, ultraviolence and sex all boring. The actors even look as if they know they're going nowhere.

Lourdes T (ru) wrote: The true story...? jeje

Noah M (kr) wrote: A painfully unfunny comedy. Even as a Chuck Norris fan, this film is just awful.

The S (ag) wrote: The end of the Hammer horror era, this film, based on a Dennis Wheatley novel, is definitely one of their best efforts. There is a strong cast and a serious approach with the pace, action and occult intrigue that you would expect from a Wheatley story. PS. Should be very popular with fans of Nastassja Kinski.

Annelie M (us) wrote: Why did I watch this whole thing? Sometimes it seems like adults in old movies are kinda like, mentally retarded. Like babies. Babies with big adult bodies. I couldn't stand the characters. Maybe the movie was alright, who knows, but I hated them all so much, I can't get past it.

Staci P (mx) wrote: Not as good as "The Trouble with Angels" but still enjoyable. Fun roadtrip film that really highlights the late 1960's.

Eliabeth W (jp) wrote: One of the Greatest movies of All time....They don't make great epic movies like this anymore, its a shame

Kevin C (ca) wrote: Not a fan of the band but I enjoyed the doc immensely.

Jack H (it) wrote: ive seen this movie about a millon times so nothing special. the race cards pulled were nice but not much else is noteworthy

Mohammed A (fr) wrote: It's good butt not good enough as car was

Dave W (kr) wrote: Aronofsky and company manage to find the humanity in the exploitative worlds of professional wrestling, stripping, and 80s hair metal, but it really isn't very pretty or glamorous. The deeply flawed characters are portrayed with sympathy, while being cast in an unapologetic light. The protagonist is much more a subject of study than a hero. While the WWE might suffer from too much focus on the microphone, I think that the weak-link in Mickey Rourke's performance is his in-ring persona and mic-work.