A young girl joins a space creature named Zargon and together they soar over British Columbia's endless majestic beauty.

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A young girl joins a space creature named Zargon and together they soar over British Columbia's endless majestic beauty. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin R (br) wrote: I want this man found.A man recently separated from his wife and adjusting to his custody arrangements accidentally strikes and kills a little boy on his way home one night with his son in the car. He tries to cover it up but the incident weighs heavily on his conscious...especially when the father brings the case to his firm for him to research..."Can you hear music if you're in heaven?""Yes."Terry George, director of Hotel Rwanda, Standoff, A Bright Shining Lie, and episodes from the television series The District, In Treatment, and Luck, delivers Reservation Road. The storyline for this picture is thorough and well done and the script and scenes are solid. The acting is perfect and the cast includes Joaquin Phoenix, Jennifer Connelly, Sean Curley, Mark Ruffalo, and Elle Fanning."Where's mommy?"I randomly came across this on Netflix and decided to watch it for the first time. This was fairly solid and well done; although, a bit predictable. I enjoyed the conclusion and thought it was fairly well done. This isn't a classic that stands out strong in the genre, but it is well created and worth your time."I deserve to go to prison."Grade: B-

Jordan S (es) wrote: I still love this movie. It was a fun ride for the whole family. I wish they would have made a sequel.

Zvi L (au) wrote: I love Parker posey and movies about single depressed people.

Matt W (au) wrote: Did we even have enough to say with 8mm? Who thought their money was safe in this?

Hailey J (it) wrote: Skateboarding=awesome...

Joey T (ca) wrote: The first hour of this movie with the exception of a couple of funny scenes is hard to sit through. The last half hour is when it finally picks up but by that point I didn't care anymore. For those that are wanting to see this, you can watch it on Youtube. Under cast they have listed the wrong John Kerry!

Sanity Assassin (fr) wrote: the most amusing version of sherlock holmes. kingsley and caine make it worth watching, but don't put off watching other stuff to see this. it's for a quiet afternoon when there's not much else to do. alot of the jokes are repetitive and the slap-stick becomes tiresome quickly

Heather D (nl) wrote: Intrigues a young mind...inhibiting to imagine.

Blake P (nl) wrote: Wow! Charles Rainier (Colman) is an amnesiac World War I veteran who's going from the name John Smith as said by his asylum doctors. He escapes one night, and is found at a cigarette store by a kindly showgirl named Paula (Garson). She takes him in, and eventually they fall in love in get married. Soon, he is hit by a car, and gains all of his memory back, losing his knowledge of Paula and their son. Paula's baby soon dies, and has no where else to go, and takes a job at a company that Rainier owns and works as his secretary. Slowly, she does her best to regain his memory, but is soon interrupted when he's getting to beautiful heiress Kitty (Peters). What will Paula do now? "Random Harvest" is something that I had noticed in my favorite movie guide "501 Must- See Movies". I saw "Mrs. Miniver" first, and immediately I knew that I just had to see another Greer Garson melodrama. There's only a few to pick from on this website however (which is very stupid), and this one sounded the best, so I queued it up. Thank god! This is a highlight in legendary filmmakers Mervyn LeRoy's long career, and well as all of the other actors involved. Ronald Colman definitely deserved that Oscar nod, as well as Susan Peters who was pretty much a one-hit wonder with this. Greer wasn't nominated because she was already recognized for "Mrs. MIniver", so that enough proves how much of a talent she was. This is brilliantly done-- when Charles regains his memory, we don't get to see anything happening to Paula: its all up to the audience what is going on, which was a smart move that added a lot to this MGM melodrama. "Random Harvest" is a great flick, and anyone who's wanting to see one of the few Greer Garson movies available, this should be your first choice.

Alex S (ru) wrote: One of the funniest and most clever movies of all time with practically every joke hitting its mark, Duck Soup not only shows the Marx brothers at their best but also comedy at its best.

Mary B (jp) wrote: Kinda predictable but fun

Gimly M (us) wrote: On the one hand, Killer Joe does get better as it progresses, but on the other, it's also the first Friedkin movie I haven't loved.

Mark R (br) wrote: Great cast, doesn't show the gruesome murders you'd expect but more of the people side, of what was really going behind the scenes. A+ movie