Two peasants are ill-prepared for life in the big city after moving from their tiny village to Bombay.

The Sarpat family, who live in Bhukari, consist of Parsaram, who has been involved in digging a well for the past over 12 years and is now called 'Pagal Parsa'; his brother, Soma, who gets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Disha torrent reviews

Suede S (kr) wrote: terrible.. I couldn't get thru it it was soooo bad!!

Anna G (br) wrote: I decided to quit after 8 minutes when the guy didn't know how to properly ask an interrogative sentence in his script.

Albert C (nl) wrote: viewed Tuesday oct 21, 2008 toronto after dark

Fernando B (fr) wrote: Simplemente espectacular, la historia te atrapa desde el inicio de la pelcula, tiene un desarrollo lento pero necesario e intrigante. Una pieza de arte de Tarantino y Brad Pitt y Michael Fassbender se roban el show.

Matthew N (gb) wrote: It's a flawed film let down by some OTT moments that lessen its impact and make it feel less real. It's an engrossing piece all the same.

Mandela W (es) wrote: I've been searching for many years for one of Angelina Jolie's finest pieces of acting work. She may have first came to my attention from Tomb Raider but films like Gia and Changeling made me consider her on of my top 5 favorites among actresses. But I must say Girl Interrupted is one of the best of her career. Based on a true story Susanna kaysen is a young woman suffering from bipolar disorder and is sent up to a mental facility where she meets an array of other girls who suffer from similar if not worse problems than her. During her stay she becomes fascinated with a wild blunt talking girl named Lisa. Susanna's experiences which she would later right all unfold in this film as she tries to discover what is truly wrong with her in the decade where mental facilities where at in all time high, the 60's.This along with one flew over the cuckoos nest really highlight the rise in usage of mental hospitals in the 60's. some of the most unique slightly insane but still very much human people lived in these places. individuals like this always have stories that make for good movies so definitely a good choice exploring this aspect of this decade. This is pretty well directed too.Winona Ryder is really terrific here in this role. she's very similar to lisa when she's not in the hospital and lisa sort of helps her become that all the time. it's a real nice arc she goes through. However near the end she starts becoming her own woman and begins to tell the truth in more ways than one about herself and everything around her. ryder should have received an Oscar nomination for this she was amazing here. Angelina jolie did a fantastic job as lisa. she portrays such a zany and wild woman. it's so mysterious for the longest time why she is the way she is and in the end its so sad and tragic what really makes her who she is. In her case the truth hurt her deep reeeeeal deep. this maybe Angelina jolies best role of her careerReally liked the musical choices in here. Its commendable the directors aim at getting across the idea that even if your crazy and insane your still somebody your still a human being. your just different.. there is some real sisterhood here despite how much of an outcast these girls are outside the hospital. the scene in the pipeworks is the best of the whole movie the everyone one was on another level with the acting here. Overall Girl interrupted is stupendous picture.

Sonny H (nl) wrote: not as good as the other Steve Prefontaine movie "Prefontaine" at all! this movie made Pre look like a big jerk to everyone and left out many events that happen.

Evelyn M (nl) wrote: To be perfectly honest, this movie bored me.

Gabriel K (de) wrote: A strangely haunting tale of family dysfunction that lingers in your mind long after the movie is over.

Andrea O (us) wrote: This one is my favorite because this is so romantic!!

Jim Q (mx) wrote: Great movie! Too bad it's based on a true story, but the acting is very good and I especially liked June Carter Cash. She adds a little humor to an otherwise very serious movie.

Augustine H (fr) wrote: Spencer Tracy is brilliant. But where the hell is the Japanese they keep talking about?

Sharon E (fr) wrote: This was a great love story as well as a realistic life story.

Zachary F (br) wrote: Essentially a feature-length escort mission, Children of Men manages to keep the audience intrigued through a fast-paced, action-filled plot, while also managing to do an adequate job at world-building and adding depth.

Bruce20 W (es) wrote: This movie has an engaging end, but its middle is not pleasant to watch.

Ibraheem M (fr) wrote: Stunning cinematography and featuring a pair of winning performances from Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, Out of Africa suffers from excessive length.