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Sasa, a Belgrade University law student, tells her parents that she and her boyfriend Stefan are moving to Canada. That same night Sasa and Stefan suffer a car accident. Sasa wakes up in ...

Sasa, a Belgrade University law student, tells her parents that she and her boyfriend Stefan are moving to Canada. That same night Sasa and Stefan suffer a car accident. Sasa wakes up in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim H (ru) wrote: A man and woman fall in love, but then she inhales a snowflake and starts to die.As much as I loved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I obviously hated The Green Hornet and didn't much care for The Science of Sleep. So I guess you could say that director Michel Gondry's particular brand of quirk is hit and miss but mostly miss for me. The special effects-laden morning routines of the protagonist and the goofy will-they-won't-they-but-you-really-know-they-will-because-plot courtship doesn't do anything to charm, and when the second act death march starts, the quirk takes a turn to the maudlin. When the film ends, there's not much to say about it besides "Well ... shit," and I didn't know whether I was describing the events or the film.Overall ... well ... shit.

Jeff H (br) wrote: A doc about a man who sells bulletproof cars. The movie is more interesting than it seems as it follows the man into dangerous areas that he must sell his product. It is kind of a crazy job to go into the areas were you know are dangerous in search of your customer.

Existen Z (es) wrote: Flight of the Red Balloon is a very beautiful art house film about some struggles a single mother, Suzanne (Binoche), is having in her life. The film is shown more through the eyes of the new nanny, Song, who is a film student at the University and from China and also the memories of the mother's young boy, Simon. The film has a strong postmodern flair to it favoring very common imagery and techniques contrasted with the abstract presence of a sentient red balloon that follows the boy. The cinematography is beautiful and the acting is excellent. There really isn't a plot to speak of and so the film is more about developing characters. The connection between the action on screen and the Red Balloon is not as prevalent as one might expect. There seems to be a large portion of the middle chunk of the film where the balloon is rarely noticed which makes it feel more like watching an honest reality tv show than a movie with something to say. The film's major flaw is a lack of editing. Many will not enjoy the film and think it slow, dull and pointless if they are not accustomed to wondering about what they are seeing. I think much of the film is well summarized in the final scene with the teacher showing the children a Felix Vallotton's 1899 painting "Le Balloon". Many of the things the teacher draws attention to in the painting correspond to the ways in which have been shown and thus have seen this film. The red balloon is a metaphor for childhood and the elegant simplicity of such a life despite being surrounded by complexity. The balloon is constrained by certain complexities but still manages to find freedom with the harsh city. Contrasting the life of the balloon is the puppets that are common in Suzanne's career. The puppets move so freely and with such expression that it can be easy to forget that they are tightly controlled.

Matt C (ag) wrote: Now I understand the fuss and am happy to almost complete my lucky McKee filmography. seriously dude has been killing it since pic 1. one of the best in the horror industry right now. shout out to Anna Farris and Jeremy sisto for some early horror work.

Christopher S (ag) wrote: One can easily look at "Brooklyn Rules" as a Bronx Tale rip-off and it kinda is. From the dialogue to the soundtrack, I felt like this movie was grabbing from other classic mob movies. Even The conversation between freddie prinze jr and scott caan about whether or not it was better to be loved or feared sounds eerily similar. Not to mention the scene in the beginning where Baldwin is beating up some guy and Caan's Character seems to be intrigued with the "Life" that scene to me just screamed "A Bronx Tale"...But the real funny thing about this film is watching it you don't just see "Bronx Tale" similarities, but a homage to everything from "Stand by Me, Boondock Saints, Goodfellas and so many others films. It's obvious Writer, Terence Winter was inspired by these films but it's usually up to good directors to find ways to make scenes look like their own. Director, Michael Corrente obviously doesn't know the meaning of such a thing....The focus is on a trio of childhood chums who've seen the brutality of the streets but are none-the-wiser: Michael Turner (Prinze "Mr. Zero Charisma" himself), as the narrator of the flashback driven story, who has Ivy League dreams of becoming a lawyer; his hot-headed goomba wannabe thug bud Carmine Mancuso (Caan) and their sweet but dumb buddy Bobby Canzoneri (Ferrera of HBO's "Entourage"). The three friends are on aimless existences with Michael trying to maintain the straight and narrow path for a stable, normal life preferably from the concrete jungles of his environs while seeing Carmine becoming further corrupted by the local mobster Caesar Manganaro (Baldwin), a shifty-eyed yet charismatic capo who has his fingers in many pies and shows his true colors for violence in one memorable sequence involving a competitor in the refuse removal business and a meat slicer in the butcher joint Michael works.While the script by vet scribe Terence Winter ("The Sopranos") brings real life gangsters from the era into the storyline the lines are a bit forced and predictable for the outcome for the trio's fates and the characters feel like cardboard cutouts. The worst being Freddie Prinze, who reminds us why his acting career has sputtered into non-existence territory. He's pretty awful in this one, even forgetting his Italian accent in the middle of the film. Scott Caan and Jerry Ferrara both do a decent job, nothing that we haven't seen from them in their past body of works. Alec Baldwin is by far the best the film has to offer with some memorable lines and scenes. Mena Suvari is also in the film but doesn't do much besides remind us that she's a pretty face. An unrecognizable Monica Keena is also here but you'd barely know it. Director Corrente (who made a decent debut years back with FEDERAL HILL) does the best he can with the familiar material but ultimately can't infuse the stock material with any real energy (except for a decent fist-fight in a diner). That can pretty much some up the entire film as a whole.While there's nothing new here, the picture is entertaining enough at times and is a relatively painless experience, especially if your a fan of the "Mobster" Genre. Besides, I felt The backdrop plot line of the "rise of John Gotti" was a cool one to see. It hasn't really been touched upon except for on those not-very-great TV movies about Gotti and Sammy "The Rat" Gravano. I thought it was a nice touch.

Alison O (gb) wrote: In 2006 Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson's starred in two films about magicians and magic. While the first was the brilliant The Prestige, the second was this smaller offering from Woody Allen. A light comedy, it's a fun watch aided and abetted by a sharp script and a strong cast.

Rory P (kr) wrote: I've seen it. I don't know what to rate it.

Scott R (br) wrote: A little on the artsy and pensive side, but it does tell us about the best art forger and the Howard Hughes forger in a unique way framed by orson Welles' monologues and beautiful Hungarian women. Not bad for his final film.

Mr F (it) wrote: has anyone seen this flick?? I'm interested!

Eric K (mx) wrote: Really intriguing and interesting flick. I watched it because Jesse E. starred in it, and I was pleasantly surprised at the acting job Kristen Stewart did (as in not a fan of any of her other work) All the characters are intriguing and very interesting to see each of the stories okay out with them. Good flick and I recommend seeing it.

Cladius F (kr) wrote: I liked the way in which the film makers have taken the scarce Biblical data about Jesus' childhood and built an engrossing story on top of it. It was a refreshing take on the story that I thought I already knew. The day-to-day practical problems faced by Joseph and Mary have been portrayed very realistically. The Biblical verses which talk about Joseph and Mary uprooting their lives and moving to a different country not once but twice (once to Egpyt and then back to Israel) based on divine dreams seemed trivial to me while reading. But the movie shows the overall hardships and the actual struggle involved in bending to God's will. It shows a realistic journey of a young child beginning to realize and accept His true identity as the Sacrificial Lamb of God for the forgiveness of mankind's sins. Reminds me of the scene when a young Clark Kent realizes that he is not of this world and slowly embarks on the journey of becoming mankind's hero as Superman (albiet in a fictional DC universe).