Disney's American Legends

Disney's American Legends

Meet the doers and dreamers who made America great -- including John Henry, the railroad builder who proved the value of believing in oneself. Journey with giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan as he clears the land for American settlers. Follow the trail of the beloved American Icon Johnny Appleseed, who planted apple trees which blossomed along the new frontier. Then, take an unforgettable ride with Casey Jones, The Brave Engineer who never failed to deliver the mail...no matter how difficult the route!

Consists of new narration by James Earl Jones, which is interspersed with the Disney shorts John Henry (2000), Johnny Appleseed (1948), Paul Bunyan (1958), and The Brave Engineer (1950). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ardiansyah B (ca) wrote: Very funny in dark kind of way. Reminds me of Shoot Em Up movie.

Vinnie S (it) wrote: Real life no Hollywood

Josh S (es) wrote: This art direction was wonderful. So interesting. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to like Xavier...his character is a tragically horrible person who doesn't deserve to win. Consequently, I hate the end.

Casey B (us) wrote: [color=MediumTurquoise][i][b]Transformers [/b][/i]>> I was surprised at how much I enjoyed watching it. The action was pretty cool and the dialogue was quite funny. Thoroughly entertaining. The storyline wasn't anything fresh or involving, but the film served its purpose. [/color][color=MediumTurquoise][i]Recommended for pure entertainment.[/i] [i][b]Night on Earth[/b][/i] >> Five shows stories about people in taxis. Winona is great in this. Each story was pretty good in it's own right, but besides the link to the taxi, I don't see a connection to them all in theme. [/color][color=MediumTurquoise][i]Recommended for indie fans. Partially in subtitles.[/i] [i][b]Dog Soldiers[/b][/i] >> Some dark humour doesn't raise this much higher than the usual horror/monster fare. I heard it was good, but the film seemed to follow the "trapped in the woods so let's hide in this cabin until we all die off" conventions. [i][b]Able Edwards[/b][/i] >> Black and white with the backgrounds all done digitally, this film feels like it was made in the 40's. The story about a clone of a Walt Disney-type mogul is interesting. [/color][color=MediumTurquoise][i]Recommended only for fans of old classic films and open-minded indie-goers.[/i] [i][b]Three Days of Rain[/b][/i] >> Compared to Crash by some, though with little to do with it in theme and production value. This type of plot structure is nothing new. Most the characters in this film I found uninteresting or annoying. The themes about wealth and poverty were only touched slightly and could have gone into more biting depth. The story about the couple who fought about giving a homeless man desert was my favourite. The rest were decent. [/color][color=MediumTurquoise][i]Slightly recommended for indie fans: could stir up some conversations about the rich and the poor, and also about how the film could have been a lot better.[/i] [/color]

Shahriare R (kr) wrote: in a time when the zombie thing has got so worn out, The Returned comes up with an unexpectedly original and intriguing plot, intertwining a never before thought social, psychological and emotional prospect of it..

Stephanie H (jp) wrote: Havent laughed this much in ages

Barry D (ca) wrote: very good humor chemistry and Latifah is sooper hot you show them how a woman should really look!

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Jari L (nl) wrote: Quite possibly the weirdest movie I've ever seen.

Faley A (ru) wrote: One of the best crime solving drama ever.

Joe S (fr) wrote: Boring chemistry between Gable and Crawford. Way too many bible verses. Strangely ho-hum for a director of Borzage's spiritual intensity.

Matt B (au) wrote: Yes. I enjoyed Jennifer's Body. I know it's not scary nor funny enough and Diablo Cody's script is a bit of a mess, but I enjoyed it. Megan Fox is constantly getting written up as a horrible actress. Here, she's incredibly decent and pulls together nicely. The same goes for Amanda Seyfried. Although it tries a little too hard to be the next horror cult classic, Jennifer's Body has enough wit for me to recommend.

Will D (it) wrote: I was mesmerized by the events that unfolded in this bonkers piece of work.