Hollywood is the cinema capital of the world - the place where dreams come true. It is associated with glamour and luxury. But for Nick, reality is very different. Years ago he was a successful screenwriter. Now he is just a dispatcher at Utopia, a Hollywood limousine company. Dispatch follows Nick from dusk to dawn on one overnight shift.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Hollywood, cinema capital of the world, a place where dreams come true. Years ago Nick was a successful screenwriter, now he's a dispatcher at Utopia, a limousine company. Dispatch follows him on one inglorious overnight shift. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike M (it) wrote: Loved it. Available on Netflix Instant.

Lilianetty l (gb) wrote: Blast off, this is bloody fu**ing amazing! 5/5 stars from start to the very end! Is like playing INJUSTICE or past Batman games in one! Yes, one of the best comics came to life in 2009 (and now I see it in 2013 LOL). Anyway, seriously, the script was well done (many 'freakies' want this story to be the one in MAN OF STEEL 2...I think I would like a mix of this one with THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS...since Batman there is old, and is perfect in Zack's world...or what rumors say it is). Anyway, the score was stunning (remind of of the one done for the game BATMAN ARKHAM CITY). The costume design were loyal in all ways, loved the voice actors (they never disappoint me). So yes, enjoy and have fun (this is one of the best animated movies of all time...yes, all Batman and Superman films are unique in style and amazing, worth watching even if you don't like DC, 7th art or this heroes made on 39 and 40's). August 29, 2013 (review).

Ron L (ca) wrote: Quite a brilliant political satire. Pacing is rather slow, but it still manages to make me laugh, albeit the humour is more of the subtle sort. Love this.

Dillinger P (it) wrote: Watching Biutiful is like constantly having your gut punched, if you like that sort of thing... But its such a wonderful and emotional story, with very strong performances that its hard not to be hypnotized for the 2 and a half hour running time that this film has. The story follows Uxbal, father of 2 children, a spirtualist and one part of an underground black market within barcelona. We quickly learn that Uxbal's health is depleteing quickly and with encounters from his bipolar ex wife, the police and a whole host of other issues, he struggles to keep everyone happy while trying to maintain the upbringing of his children. This is one multi layered and thought provoking film and it is relentless. It does not care about giving you a break. Bardem is the star of the show in this film and its a master class of all proportions, we all knew the man can act but seeing him as our sole protagonist for 2 and a half hours and watching him go through this journey is harrowing, painful and tugs at the heart strings. The rest of the cast do put in solid support for him, so its not just a one man show, however if anyone comes away with gratitude for this it should be Bardem. The visual style is gritty and guerilla much like the themes of the film, the locations in barcelona are suitably worse for ware and show a huge level of poverty one a multitude of scales. Kudos as well to the director Inarittu for keeping it all flowing for the long time scale that it runs. Its in no way an easy watch, but it is so masterfully crafted, with so much going on and a lead who is giving everything to the part that this becomes a painful yet encapsulating movie from start to finish. Strongly recommended.

Jose R (es) wrote: Boring, too predictable!!!

Deb S (br) wrote: The young and beautiful Brett Eisenberg (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is an up-and-coming assistant editor embarking on her first big job in the New York City whose life becomes changed when she catches the attention of very attractive and charming Archie Knox (Alec Baldwin), the editor-in-chief for a successful publishing house. They are soon dating despite the fact that she already has a boyfriend and he has a long list of past girlfriends and ex wives and is a lot closer to her dad's age than hers. The lovers soon move in together despite the objections of various folks in their respective lives, though, as expected, it's an affair that's inevitably fraught with complications as Brett's father who she desperately clings to become sick, she got a mean boss to deal with and Archie admits to a few problems.

bill s (jp) wrote: Is it an oddball comedy or quirky drama?Either way the leads make it watchable.

Greg W (jp) wrote: A star vehicle with three flat tires and sugar in the gas tank.

Bass 9 (ru) wrote: it's all about popularity.

Hawk (gb) wrote: The movie starts with a cool idea: A family rents a house with one catch-an old woman lives up in the attic that they have to feed. It's not too long before other things start happening and---wait you know what, scratch that it is too long before anything else starts happening. The scares are few and far between and when they come they're pretty weak. The idea I guess the filmakers wanted to accomplish was to make it feel like something that could happen in real life, but in general none of what happens here is scary. Their's a nice climax and eventual payoff but it's not worth the wait.