Darren Prager is an aspiring writer who finds himself completely unable to comprehend the intricacies of human behavior. Obsessed with finding the key to understanding the nature of ...

Darren Prager is an aspiring writer who finds himself completely unable to comprehend the intricacies of human behavior. Obsessed with finding the key to understanding the nature of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Disquiet torrent reviews

Michael D (gb) wrote: An the Chicago International Film Festival and definitely worth a shot.

Jeremy C (us) wrote: Just like Mrs. Doubtfire but more kiddier Hutch Dano is a talented teenager actor. This movie was good of the good acting and a nice story.GRADE:B-

David K (au) wrote: A load of cliches with tar power does not a good movie make. Avoid. Not even stupid enough to be fun.

Tom G (us) wrote: Beyond stupid. Your I.Q. will drop just for watching it.

ehm c (it) wrote: another musical movie and i love it!

Dylan P (us) wrote: My favourite film of all time, the beautiful, thoughtful and yet gritty and bitter epic is assuredly the most powerful piece in cinematic history. It was born to succeed-the greatest director (Leone), the greatest actor (De Niro), the greatest writer of film scores (Morricone) and an incredible ensemble (both in terms of cast and crew) create perfection. Whilst the length, the rape scenes and panpipes have put people I know off this movie, I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who can appreciate fearless filmmaking which doesn't bog itself down in satisfying every sensitive viewer around. Best film ever, 10/10

Tim S (mx) wrote: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble has been sort of maligned over the years as a bad movie, but when in actual fact, it's a good movie, but not much more than mediocre in nature. It was one of John Travolta's first film roles and helped launch his career in Hollywood, along with Welcome Back Kotter and Saturday Night Fever later. The film was directed by Randal Kleiser, who also directed one of my favorite movies when I was a kid, Flight of the Navigator. Robert Reed also stars in the film as Travolta's dad, and there are many familiar faces from television that pop up here and there. I wouldn't call it the most memorable TV movie ever made or anything like that, but you're certain to get a fair amount of entertainment from it.

Louis R (fr) wrote: 29 Years ago today the epic battle that was the turning point of WW 2 in the Pacific ended. It was sort of a "Chess Game" between our best Admirals and their counterparts of the Japanese Navy. In the battle, all which involved aircraft carriers, wee destroyed 4 Japanese carriers and put them on the defensive just 6 months after our devastating defeat at Pearl Harbor.

Juan P (ru) wrote: Ashton Kutcher is probably the worst thing in this movie, the only good thing he has in this film is the similar look he shares with Steve Jobs..but that's it

Kris B (ca) wrote: Underrated. Yes, the leads are impressive if it we were in the 90's but John Hurt as Mr Brooks, "Marshall"?! Come on! Worth it.

Seamus F (gb) wrote: Not many people v'seen it, but its great movie

Chelsea W (it) wrote: Movie's like this are the reason why I'm paranoid.

David B (us) wrote: Fleischer made a couple of serial killer movies in the late 60's early 70's. The first was The Boston Strangler and the second was 10 Rillington Place a chilling, grimy tale of Christie a perverted woman killer who tricks everyone including his wife in letting him continue his reign/orgy of killing. London is dull and charmless and the unrelenting grimness of the story and the underplaying of the actors add to the effectiveness of this brilliant film. Attenborough is truly chilling as the calmly scheming psychopath and conveys a seething disturbed man beneath the calm.