Four people make an annual pilgrimage to a spot in the mountains where a cult group lived. Three years previously, the cult had put a genetically engineered virus in the water supply. The idea apparently was to kill off everyone in Japan and then repopulate it with cult members. The virus killed a few people and poisoned thousands, but instead of living and taking over, most of the cult members died.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fire,   forest,   lake,  

Members of a cult, modeled on Aum Shinrikyo, sabotage a city's water supply, then commit mass suicide near the shores of a lake. Family members of the perpetrators meet at the lake to observe the anniversary of their loved ones' deaths. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan B (us) wrote: Movie that should have, could have, been done right. Done appropriately. Mario Von Pebbles has somehow bestowed his horrible acting skills into horrible directing. Cheesey lines, horrible special effects, poor acting and some side story that is just there to make time pass...makes this a "must miss".

Erica S (fr) wrote: confusing, bad acting

Tomek S (ru) wrote: similar to Haneke with depicting all the aberrations of life. or maybe depicting what life really looks like.

Robert C (ag) wrote: Fine performance by both mains. Ending a bit low on credibility.

Tim M (ca) wrote: hmmm - good effort ata film noir but doesn't pull it off

Chris B (kr) wrote: Amazing how this film came out in the 90s and predicted the publics obsession with reality tv. Skimming other comments it seems this is compared to the Truman Show a lot. I would argue they are similar but with enough differences to make both enjoyable for different reasons.

Zachary M (us) wrote: The idea of Rocky stepping from boxer to trainer is a good one, but as we would see in future films, the idea is done so much better. It seems like a studio mandate of a film, but without any of the real love that the others, even the ridiculous one, had. If you could just imagine Rocky IV the goes into Rocky Balboa, that would be best.

Ben D (au) wrote: A somewhat bland, dull action movie with both stars slumming it. Not very good.

TTT C (ca) wrote: Here's another film rating.

CJ C (mx) wrote: Poe's Dance Macabre, Barbara Steele & a haunted castle, spoooky!

Steven F (fr) wrote: The best of the Judy and Mickey films. Judy Garland's performance is one of her best as well - she's given many moments in which to show how much she loves Mickey Rooney, and they are all lovely to see. Her song "Nobody" is all the more moving with how matter-of-factly she sings it. "Our Love Affair" is a terrific scene as well, with the great follow-up in the kitchen with the food - in a scene thought up by Vincente Minnelli on one of his first visits to the MGM studios! Sweetly done - beautiful film.

Alyssa K (jp) wrote: Excellent film. My favorite of the "Star Trek" film series.

dude m (us) wrote: When your movie stars that one... Or hoard of fucking onnoying characters, you know it's gonna be hit with bad ratings. Also the animation looks fucking terrible just like the other Illuminati Animations.

Wes S (fr) wrote: A lot of fun, though silly. The different scenarios (directed by different people) were interesting, and the overall ridiculous plot manages to bring a certain charm to an overall cheap-looking flick. The characters are good, the effects are cheesy, and the fantasy is mindful.