Distant Cousins

Distant Cousins

Kate's husband Richard hasn't seen his cousin Harry for 20 years. So when he comes to stay with his fiancee Connie they are welcomed. But Kate senses her family is at risk when they start behaving suspiciously.

After not seeing him since he was a child, a successful advertising executive with the ideal family is visited by his cousin. He soon finds that his cousin and his cousin's fiance are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yiannis Z (es) wrote: great film...?? ? ??? ?? ? ?? ???? ???? ? ???...

Whitney B (ca) wrote: I am partial to my superhero movies so I liked this but a little predictable.

Helen L (es) wrote: Well, I took this one lightly and quite enjoyed it. While all critics were worried about being a Roman Coppola movie and drew their opinion from high expectations, I didn't pay attention to that and went for the story for itself. I don't see it as pretentiously artsy or too much student film-like. All the elements, the layers and the style we see here are intentional and very-well pieced together in the end. Besides, the movie is groovy, charming and involving, and it has a message. Just look at it with simplicity. Whether you wanna see it as a parallel to the revolution or as a piece about a young director and his dreams, it's worth seeing.

Vraj S (ca) wrote: sit back, relax and enjoy

Amelia T (br) wrote: Wonderful insights into what goes on behind the scenes in a normal-ish Japanese family .. Most of all, love the slow pace as compared to the visual hitting on the head in western films. this' much better.

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James W (nl) wrote: A good film with some funny moments, but ultimately it's too long and some segments really seem to drag.

clinton e (us) wrote: I guess I am one of the few people who actually enjoyed this movie

Charles V (ca) wrote: D'emble, je tiens le dire : je n'aime pas trop Alain Delon. Sa personnalit publique m'nerve, surtout ces dernires annes de par ses prestations tlvisuelles ou mme au cinma, surtout dans le dernier Astrix. Mais il faut avouer tout de mme qu'il a eu une grande carrire cinmatographique poustouflante, ayant jou et tourn avec les plus grands. Deux Hommes Dans la Ville en est l'exemple parfait. Delon est parfait dans ce rle de repris de justice qui tente tant bien que mal de se rinsrer dans la socit. Tant bien que mal, parce qu'il est sans cesse harcel par un flic born interprt magnifiquement par Michel Bouquet. Jean Gabin, qui signe ici l'une de ses dernires prestations majeures, joue le rle d'un assistant social qui va aider Delon dans sa rinsertion, et rsister aux pressions faites par le flic. Ce film est marquant ds la premire vision, dur, film la manie d'un film noir italien des annes 1970. Les deux personnages centraux ne se volent pas la vedette puisque ils se compltent pour mener bien le chemin de la rdemption entamm par Delon. Les seconds rles sont prestigieux et crdibles (Depardieu, Lanoux, Girardeau, Bouquet...). Bref, l'un des polars franais dont on ne parle pas assez, et qui doit figurer dans les rfrences de tout bon cinphile.

Keith M (kr) wrote: one of the classics!